Mastery Haste belt medium priority (overall best in the instance).
Tier chest medium priority (see above for tier breakdown) mastery haste ring priority depending on current rings.
Ill be the first to vedonlyönti seifatus admit my wrongful assumption.Kin'garoth: Life relic (Precision) Medium priority Tier hands medium priority (see above for tier breakdown) Crit Mastery ring high priority (depending on current rings) Varimathras: Blood relic (Marked for death) High priority Storm relic (Deadly aim) Medium priority Coven: Blood relic (Called Shot) low priority.Yes, we all want to progress our characters.But I would actually hate to be geared and ready within two or three weeks.Tier cloak medium priority (see above for tier breakdown).Storm relic (precision) medium priority, mastery Vers neck priority depending on current neck.Felhounds: Life Relic (Unerring Arrows) high priority.
Imonar: Life relic (Quick Shot) high priority.
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Raw download report text.56 KB, tier wants/needs casino capitalism wikipedia for Putro: Big priority is getting 2p, legs Gloves Shoulders for ST (these are MY results, it depends on your current T20 pieces - sim it to be safe).
Coin Cautious (Gold is worthless!
High Jumper (Run like a kangaroo!Friends are Gold (Get a helping hand!Master of Keys (Unlock your Surfer Attitude!I killed Xavius, and immediately tried to use my bonus roll, and it told me I didn't have control of my character and couldn't do that.Other forms of progress (like AP) should give us enough to keep us going.Secondary priority is getting 4p, legs Gloves Shoulders Chest Helmet Cape (these are MY results, it depends on your current T20 pieces - sim it to be safe).Doesnt change the fact that Blizzard should stop making gear so easily available.The whole EN:Mythic fiasco is simply because that place got outgeared.I Got the Power viking lotto rätta raden (Boost your run and show off!But when it takes a couple of weeks to reach that point that upgrading means praying to Rngezus something is wrong.Coin Counter (Timing is everything!

Thats something which needs a bit of finetuning.