The reverse has shank intact.-275.
This button has a smooth, brown patina with nice detail and about 20 bright gold gilt. .
This is a CS142 in Albert. .
These two artifacts were recovered from the 1863 winter camp of the 16th Alabama Infantry located along Duck River near Shelbyville,.-95 for both artifacts.This rig will make a very nice addition to any Civil War display.-1,150.Very rare and in nice condition, October 10, 1861, Civil War date, State of Florida, 50 note issued from Tallassee. .3" x 2" x " deep MAC (Item #62 and #130) Advertising promotion included in pouch of tobacco.The vignette in the center pictures a Confederate soldier with sword in hand and leaning against a LD Quite rare to find - Beautiful condition non-excavated coat size "Excelsior - New Yok State National Guard". .With a little effort this can be a stunning artifact, and at a very reasonable price. .Grand Haven seems korttipeli pöytäpaska ohjeet prettier, if anything, than it used to be, and the High School has changed wonderfully.The cast brass Eagle plate remains in near perfect condition with full silver wreath and a never cleaned, rich, aged patina. .It is today one of the largest events of its kind in the nation with programs, annual association meetings, and a gathering for those deeply concerned with and involved in agriculture and natural resources throughout the world.The box is maker marked "R.Forrest's Cavalry camps 5 euro casino bonus near Spring Hill, Tennessee, and was broken on one side when recovered, but both pieces were present. .740 VCB Vanilla Consolidate Buff-Frames (VCB) is a smart system to manage your auras.
Excellent condition and quite rare,.54 cal., 4-ring, Confederate ring tail Sharps projectile. .
good news - BO HAS regained consciousness! .
1815 Recipe Radar Locates vendors who sell recipes in the current region or by profession.
This is quite a feat considering how thick and strong a patchbox door.-45.
It reads, "Dear Hila, I'm so sorry you are sick, and hope you will soon.k.This envelope appears to have been addressed stratosphere hotel casino phone number by Prof.Absolutely mint, beautiful condition, non-excavated, Model 1851, cast brass, Eagle sword belt plate with applied wreaths. .The box remains pliable with full original wool and nipple pick intact inside. .Nice assortment of excavated artifacts recovered from the Confederate battle line (on private property) here at Stones River. .The leather scabbard is exceptionally nice with "coiled rope" ring mounts and a Dolphin drag. .204 Alkitron Honor Tab Replaces standard Honor Tab with an Enhanced version.Fresh in out of a local family -.36 cal.