Slowly go back and forth in a filing motion just a few times; then re-tune and check the note at the first fret.
Repeat filing in small increments until you are in tune.If you're in doubt over the correct length to choose, speak to your local dealer.Here's the same slot seen looking straight down from above: The string's other lotto june 15 2018 curve, from, say, the farthest peg on the bass side of the headstock, also elides with the inside of the bell-shaped slot, guided gently and directly to the front where it's held.Next: a slot that's cut with a saw has a roughly flat bottom and also affords poor acoustic coupling.I ordinarily leave a nut slot a little higher than necessary at first, to allow for the string to cut itself a little lower.At the other extreme, installing light strings in a nut slot that's too wide will give you vibrations and buzz.To remove burrs or to widen the slot, work some tightly folded 1200 grit sandpaper back-and-forth.As you get close, use stacked feeler gauges as an accurate way to stop at the string height you're after.And the length from the nut to the post being the other important factor.Right: the slot really fits the diameter of the string, the nut material does not go above the halfway point of that diameter, and leaves the string a trace of clearance above the fret equipment slots rs3 or the unfretted board surface.
I'll try to explain the clearance in a minute.
If you're lucky, the string will leave a mark on the groove where it's meeting tell you where to take the nut back.
You'll make the string buzz as it'll sit too near the frets.
Avoiding hitting the first fret, assuming there is one, I cut down below the blown slot, sometimes almost to the board itself, angling the saw back a bit.
Here's a page on the files and so on you need to cut nuts.You can still see a bit of light.Instead, I use 1200 grit sandpaper to soften the side edges of the slot both on the front and back.More on bridges in due time, but the principles here apply to bridge slots on the viol and violin families, guitars, mandolins, and.Back to the repair index page.You reach up and re-tune and now the chord sounds fine.Please see the Cookie Policy for more information.Here's a gnat's-eye view at the face of a nut as seen from the leeward best slots for wagering side of the second fret.If the fretted note is flat relative to the harmonic, you'll need to shorten the string length by moving the saddle towards the pickups.By using the site, you consent to the use of cookies unless you have disabled them).

Gauging ranges from the easy playability of super lights (.009-.042) to the thumping sustain of a heavy set (.012-.052).
If you hold any string down on any fret of a well set up instrument, you'll see that same preferred clearance at the next fret.