In May, 2010, Zynga struck a deal what is 4 dimm slots with Facebook to adopt its Facebook Credits virtual currency, which gives Facebook a 30 percent cut of every virtual goods transaction.
Previously, Zynga used virtual currency providers that charged only 2 10 percent per transaction.
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When you think about it, thats not an insane amount for Zyngas paying players to be paying each month.It is supposedly around 1 3 percent.In that quarter, it had about 236 million monthly active users.In this post, well take a look at some interesting facts about Zynga that werent known until now.That explains why FarmVille can generate more money than ever before even though it is at half of its peak users.
Farmers Insurance offered a similar one day campaign in 2011.
(Were assuming that Facebook accounts for substantially all of Zyngas revenue, which is not precisely correct).
In March, Zynga released an expansion for FarmVille.Since Zynga filed the papers on Friday, the social game industry has a wealth of new details as guideposts for the best-run business on the Facebook platform.Another item worth noting: Zynga has one issued patent and 78 patent applications pending review.If that is true, then the average revenue per paying user per quarter is likely to be 32 to 95, which breaks down.67.66 per paying player per month.In the first quarter, Zynga generated about 235 million in revenue.The filing had other interesting details.That fact is an important point contained in Zyngas filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering.

Players chose to insure their crops with the free branded Zeppelin, providing players with a voluntary, enhanced in-game experience.