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Vue.js, install npm install -save vue -simple-suggest, see installation guide for more options.
Look at the provided asyncFind method for an example usage.
div v-for"item in items" item.
Const Child inject: foo: from: 'bar default: 1, 2, 3 / name : string.
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Warning: v-model on a custom input IS NOT the same as v-model on vue -simple-suggest!!- Default htmlinputElement example: - vue -simple-suggest v-model"model" placeholder"Text here" type"search" pattern"a-z!- Vanilla htmlinputElement example 1: - vue -simple-suggest input pattern"a-z" / vue -simple-suggest!- Vanilla htmlinputElement example 2: - vue -simple-suggest.
Typo_label Tagging multiselect( v-model"value tag-placeholder"Add this as new tag placeholder"Search or add a tag label"name track-by"code :options"options :multiple"true :taggable"true @tag"addTag" ) nguage-json code.
).mount transition-demo : Transitions:, transition-group Props : tag - string, span.