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quot;: Originally Posted by holdemhelpem PFR Again not sure if I should count raise then re-raise so raises would be counted twice for one hand.
BB (32.34) UTG (17.29) CO (31.96) 26/12/3/22 vp/pf/af/wts ma1oy777 (Button) (28.56) MP (38.89) Preflop : ma1oy777 is Button with A, J 1 fold, CO calls.25, ma1oy777 bets 1, 1 fold, UTG calls.75, CO calls.75 Flop : (3.10) 5, 5, K (3 players).
Raise, no matter how many more times in that hand they make the same action, it counts towards the relevant stat.
SB (37.85) BB (33.68) Button (72.50) MP (16.70) 54/43/4/45 vp/pfr/af/wts ma1oy777 (CO) (26.08) UTG (25) Preflop : ma1oy777 is CO with Q, Q 1 fold, MP bets.75, ma1oy777 raises.50, 3 folds, MP raises.70 (All-In), ma1oy777 calls.20 Flop : (33.75).UTG (11.90 bB (25) ma1oy777 (Button) (27.41 mP (63.71).Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em,.25 BB (6 handed).SB (26 preflop : ma1oy777 is Button with A, 4 2 folds, ma1oy777 bets 1, SB calls.90, 1 fold, flop : (2.25) A, 5, 9 (2 players sB checks, ma1oy777 bets.35, SB calls.35.As for the first part of this question, I think any raise above the current bet counts as a raise, not as a call raise.g.Again, same as above.So the first time they raise pf, count that hand towards this stat.If someone bets, and you raise, you are not calling raising, you are just raising.Gothninja, 06:57 PM # 13 SretiCentV Pooh-Bah Join Date: Oct 2006 Location: In the rear with the gear Posts: 3,697 Re: How to calculate vpip PFR AF SretiCentV, 07:07 PM # 14 gothninja Pooh-Bah Join Date: Jun 2011 Location: Sitting out Posts: 4,425 Re: How.AF after flop (raises bets total calls.For the second part, imo if a player calls a bet and then folds to a raise on the same street, that should still count as a call for that street in that hand.Password, notices, beginners Questions, poker beginner?Vpip, This is self explanatory but not sure if I add things like re-raises though.Out of all the messages you could of typed you picked the one I have no interest in reading.When youre working out all these stats, aren't you wanting to know what actions they take in a hand, over a number of hands, rather than how many times in a hand they call/bet/raise?Fold to Bet Total/Flop/Turn/River.
If you notice a player bets big on the turn with nothing and small when they have the nuts, it is a huge advantage to have a note on that.
So someone could call, re-raise and would be counted twice for vpip for one hand.
I dont think it matters how many times in one hand they bet or call preflop (e.g.
Unusual bet sizing - and what signals that gives you about what a player holds - is something you need to observe and keep notes for.Join Date: May 2009, learning poker odds and outs posts: 16, how to calculate vpip PFR.I need to know exactly how to calculate these numbers.Also lets say a person calls-folds on the same street, should that be counted as a call?But again it tells you nothing about the size of their raise.

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