vanilla warrior tank best in slot

Again, it really depends on the fight.
The next best is ring of the qiraji fury).
VapgkI-0tOB4, orcs and Trolls are probably best, but if you're doing PVE, don't discount the various resistance or weapon skill points you get from other races, such as Human or Dwarf, as those can help you in ways you didn't really assume.70 armor Chest: - 100hp - 3 defence (Core Armor Kit) - 4 all stats Bracers: - 9 stamina - 3def (enchanting) Gloves: - 3 defence (Core Armor Kit) - 7 agi Legs: - 100hp (Libram of Constitution) - 1 Dodge (Libram of Protection).Best offhand weapon is hungering cold, not currently attainable except from the vendor, followed by claw of the frost wyrm.Dreadnaught breastplate 4 stats, though an argument can be made for 100.Plagueheart circlet zg enchant.Naxx trash drop turtlebet bonus (15k?) can't remember.Someone above said that usually when a player is raiding for some time he's supposed to be able to evaluate items at in a way that makes spreadsheets or list of BiS useless to him.
Force of Will (General Angerforge, BRD) Trinket #2: - Mark of the Chosen (Quest reward, Desolace/Maraudon).
Flurry Axe (BoE).
If you are not bis and/or are not using literally every consumable and world buff added on the server, then go with ring of the fallen god).
Now, there definitely are cases where specific gear can be best in slot.
Secondly, each piece of gear has a special equip effect.
Tanks, YOU want ironfoe instead.For some classes, like warlock and mage, gearing is kind of nebulous and you definitely shouldn't just go for 9/9.RE: Best in Slot after-raid, heart -, hi, welcome to retro-wow.Weapon: - Ironfoe (Emperor, BRD).Vial of Animated Blood, looted from Unbound Abomination in The Underrot.Keeping sd and expose up eats up all your combo points otherwise.Firstly, there is no such thing as an overall "Best in Slot" list anymore.Dark storm gauntlets 20 shadow damage.Expose stacks with sunder, which makes hit a little better (magnified white damage) and crit a little worse (less eviscerates).Rezan's Gleaming Eye, looted from Rezan in Atal'Dazar.Azerite Gear for Protection Warriors.And if you're with another rogue who's exposing, then you want the 8x t3 bonus cthun belt.Mage atiesh is so juicy.The above guidelines do not apply to Azerite gear (that is, the helm, shoulder, and chest slots).

The following shields are the available shields from dungeons in rough order from best to worst: Use the highest item level shield you can, regardless of its secondary stats.