Axis M3005-V is vandal- and dust-resistant, and designed for quick and flexible installation.
Then use the "TimeTrip" function to manipulate a waveform's time aspect in any way you wish.Slow it down to uncover rich moving harmonic content; speed it up to create high-speed tonal motion; freeze it at your favorite spot; or rewind it backward at any speed without changing pitch and formant, which can also be independently controlled.Four-position switch, -10dBv, 0dBu, 4dBu, and 22dBu.The V-Synth has dual oscillators that offer a choice of three different synthesis methods: analog modeling, PCM waveforms with user sampling, and external audio input processing-all with up to 24-voice polyphony.Resampling is also possible, allowing users to capture any performance with the TimeTrip Pad, D Beam or arpeggiator - or even effected sounds - as an entirely new waveform.Axis M3005-V offers a horizontal viewing angle of 118.The flexibility and simplicity of the Pro16 Series allows complex audio distribution systems and snakes to be created quickly and cost-effectively.
Use the analog or digital inputs to sample your own waveforms to be used in the variable oscillator.
The V-Synth is fully suited to the modern day studio as well, with analog I/O and midi ports supplemented by USB and digital S/pdif I/O ports.
BT, Asia, Ladytron, Orbital, Richard Barbieri, Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran) and more.
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The, v-Synth XT is a rack-mount module version of the V-Synth released in 2005.
TRS Thru, impedance matched output, analog to Digital Conversion 48kHz sample rate, 24 bit, frequency Response 4Hz-22kHz.
AN-16/o.4 Output Module, the AN-16/i.2 can also be used in a digital snake as an input path for main return signals from front-of-house to signal processors and amps at the stage.Use V-link to trigger different video clips with V-Synth's keyboard while using the bender to change playback speed.No related topics mega slots hd 2 found, we could not automagically find any related forum topics for this synth, but please browse the forum and look around or consider signing up and posting something yourself!The V-Synth combines multiple oscillator technologies, user sampling and new cosm filtering for incredibly dynamic new sounds.The AN-16/i.2 is typically placed near the front-of-house or monitor console to simplify patching when it is used as the head-end for a Pro16 personal mixing system.When used with A360 and A320 Personal Mixers, the Pro16e protocol allows stereo inputs sources to be seamlessly integrated into a personal mixing system.Released in 2003, the V-Synth was a new flagship synthesizer from Roland debuting some of their coolest features of the time, allowing for a new world of sounds full of life and motion.D-50 emulator) and VC-2 (Vocal Designer).The item system is very similar to the "channel-and-groove design" used in some toys.