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Building cost (level 1), requirements, description, the riches of your empire are kept in the Treasury.
Our goal is to reinvent kingdoms as a stronger and more stable diplomatic unit in which its members cooperate closely with each other in order to succeed as a team.
The best time to buy it is right after you activate account.Your feedback is a critical element of how develop Travian: Kingdoms.What IS THE issue?The 25 bonus does not only apply to the base production of the resource, but it does apply to all other bonuses!The first tab is to use your gold to purchase options that could benefit your gameplay style. .As the focus is shifted towards kingdoms, it is only fitting that we would offer the possibility to keep track of your dukes and governors properly with a redesigned kingdom profile.The ability to order your merchants to complete a delivery twice in a row.The kings netto pokeri treasures can be stolen by other kings if they attack with their hero.Regarding treasuries, kings and dukes can build one treasury each by default, but additional treasury slots can be unlocked once 4,000 treasures are collected in the kingdom.This feature requires Travian Plus to be unlocked and costs 25 gold for the first and 50 gold for the second repetition.Our latest update is based on it and today, we are introducing the gameplay and balance changes of the Kingdom/Alliance Merge.
This feature costs 3 gold.
Differences between the two different kinds of treasury: Hidden Treasury : The hidden treasury is the governors equivalent of the kings treasury.
Exchanging silver to gold costs 200 silver for 1 gold, while exchanging gold to silver costs 1 gold for 100 silver.
This will give you the ability to use an extended farm list to send out countless troop formations with one click.Moreover, you can get an additional prize of 4500 coins given by 5 Scatters.All of them unibet casino ios are generous enough to keep you satisfied with the game and pay you high payouts for your play.Long live the kingdom.To sum up the Kingdom/Alliance Merge: Complete overhaul: Alliances no longer exist.Be sure to check them out and sign up for.Kings, of course, still receive their part: a quarter of those tributes will go veikkaus pokeri rock to them.How many active treasuries can I have?For example, you will get up to 1000 coins for 5 big heart symbols, while Wild icon will give you 10000 coins in this free slot game with free spins.You can view the full changelog here.