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Regarding the hyphenated version, there's been a general trend to move away from hyphenated compound words over the past 40 years.
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It usually refers to the Calculated Take-Off Time (ctot).A common, historical pattern is that two words say, time slot will be joined by a hyphen for a time time-slot and then be joined into one word timeslot.English is moving away from this and joining languages like German, where words are advantageously and immediately linked to one another.A slot, or slot time to be precise, is assigned due to restrictions in traffic flow at an airport or airspace (e.g.The slot time controls other standardized events, such as when the airplane can leave the gate (Target Off Block Time, tobt) and when its engines can be started (Target Start-up Approval Time, tsat).Word forms: time slots countable noun, a television or radio program's time slot is the time when it is broadcast.You will find an equal amount of dictionaries containing either.Cobuild Advanced English Dictionary.New time slot, noun: a time assigned on a schedule or agenda; "the TV program has a new time slot" "an aircraft landing slot" time slot, the default time slot for the grid is one hour.What is a slot time?We normally also send a message to air traffic control, stating that we are ready (all passengers onboard, all doors and hatches closed hoping for an earlier slot time.90 percent of listeners stayed with the program when it changed its time slot.If the airplane isnt ready for departure, we risk missing the slot time, and thereby causing delay.European airspace being congested at times, lack of staff/air traffic controllers, weather).Enter budget values per time period.
The large gap in the single meteor trail corresponds to the time gap between the consecutive frames.
This is the reason why passengers need to be seated well ahead of the slot time.
Petra, hi Petra, Air Traffic Flow Management (atfm) slots, or simply slots, are part of traffic flow management, which in Europe is centralized by Eurocontrol in Brussels.
Both timeslot and time slot are acceptable.First Officer Jimisola Laursen, if you also have a question about aviation, send it to email protected and watch for the answer in an upcoming issue).The ctot is the time, with a window of -5/10 minutes, when the airplane is required to be at the runway, ready for departure.As in the timeslot given to completing the task.Would also be interested to hear if there s different usages for different scenarios.Play 30 free 3-reel and 5-reel slots : Mountain Fox, Treasures of Egypt, Flaming Crates, Prosperous Fortune, Magic Wheel, Fruit Smoothie, Party Bonus, Video Poker and more!Time, slot, pro is an easy and fast way for clients to book your time services.The app also saves you time and distraction so you can focus on coaching.Time slot synonyms, time slot pronunciation, time slot translation, English time slot - a time assigned on a schedule or agenda; the TV program has a new time slot an aircraft.Time, slots - Online reservation system for logistics.Organize warehouse and logistics with your Booking Instant slot booking, available for you and your contractors.Browser access is all you need.