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This gift to you comes from Sarah Boulton and her husband, who are implementing the tiered commission compensation system in their own salon.
Chances are youll gear up quicker and improve your damage output more rapidly.
Her staff wont have to deal with competing for business in an overstaffed salon because the system doesnt allow Sarah to hire more staff than she can afford.Firstly, its worth putting things in perspective.Dont be surprised if it works out better to spend your points on incidentals like trinkets and neckpieces, and instead hoover up non-set armour pieces as you find them.For other specs itll be a case of trial and error in order to maximise the value of the bonus.Valour Points which can be used to buy the leggings, robe and gloves.The Pros and Cons Ultimately itll be the role of theorycrafters and spreadsheet gurus to calculate if the set bonuses of Tier 11 make it a worthwhile investment for mages to spend their Valour Points.If the stylist sells 100-199, they earn.Elixir of Impossible Accuracy and food buffs like the, grilled Dragon might help fill the gap, but expect to be using hit stat trinkets to reach that magic number.Its not clear at the moment which spec will benefit the most from this gear set Arcane would work well with more haste, while Fire could do with a strong dose of Crit.6.1) 337 Hit Rating (approx.As a result, a lot of this will remain theory for a good few months.Now although there are 12 remaining item slots that can help you reach that goal, its likely that youll fall short.To determine her amounts, Sarah calculated how much revenue she needed puhelinlasku kasino the stylists to produce each hour.
And even thats assuming that you can clear all the dungeons in the first week.
Sarah says, When I first read your article about the nail techs and it broke down their pay scales, I wondered, how do you determine the tier amounts?
2-Set Bonus: Increases the critical strike chance of Arcane Missiles, Ice Lance, and Pyroblast.
Because of this system, Sarah can afford to properly classify her staff as employees and cover her portion of their employment tax responsibility (which then gives her the ability to manage the salon entirely since she is their legal, legitimate employer).
300-399 earns 12 and 400 earns.
4-Set Bonus: Reduces the cast time of Arcane Blast, Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, and Frostbolt.Raid for the fun of it or raid for the challenge and the epics will flow to you.A Closer Inspection, once assembled, the completed Firelords Vestments presents an interesting set of stats: 1349 Intellect 367 Crit Strike Rating (approx.Click here to download the spreadsheet!If Sarahs pretend stylist in the example above repeatedly fell short of hitting any of the tiers, Sarah would know about it every payday and would be able to make the necessary adjustmentseither manipulating the schedule so that the stylist only worked during busier times.Other than that, the ratings all tend to be at the low end of the spectrum once levelling decay is taken into account. If all you raid for is to gain epic items then youll be sorely disappointed.Considering the other goodies that will be competing for your Valour Points, itll probably be two months before you have a completed iLevel 359 epic set.

Firelords Vestments have certainly won praise for their looks, but how does it stack up as a fully-fledged dungeon set?
For example, if one of her stylists makes 1,000, she divides that by the number of hours theyve worked.