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" No the Gorbals!, ye kin go en at yin end an' no come oot at the ither but!" said the voice But like you I thought there has to be something different, said I Then I added, Actually I wanted to join the Navy.
At the other end a bloke would remove the now fully baked, enameled frame and stack it on a trolley ready to be transported to the next stage.
In short I was always on the look out for the unexpected.We could wait and we just wouldnt drop Lofty.Mar 21, getty Images, apr 11, suggested Interests.The spades these two blokes were using were unique in that they were re- worked.Well poor begger, I suppose our bloke did give him a bit of a start.Screaming seagulls added colour to the scene as they dived and squabbled over scraps of food.Everything seemed to be so urgent all of a sudden, I was torn between two desires, Ginger Craig who was dying, and to get arina bonus kertyy at the back studs who had done this.The onlooker is sometimes taken completely by surprise when the chameleon strikes because of the distance between it and it's prey and the last glimpse of the fly is a crumpled wing disappearing into the mouth of the now gulping lizard.There was a bloke, he was one of ours but I dont which mob he belonged to but he had got this Russian Cossack hat from somewhere it was snow white and he had on this black outfit with jackboots and spurs and he had.At the dinner table one Sunday we were all trying to talk at once when Dad said loudly Ah wus talkin ter Tom Uncle Jack who was a Geordie like me Mum said, Oh aye Charlie, which wan?On hearing the word, Rats my mind would flit to the yearly rat round up of Thornton Abbey Farm.As we got nearer we could make out they were Yanks and maybe a couple of our blokes, they wanted to know what we were doing here and I explained we had just got out of Salag.And looking the other way one could just see the road for about a hundred yards then it seemed to merge with everything else that was white with snow.But sometimes people on longer journeys had to make connections and if they missed these it could have repercussions on their business.
So to save his ship and all the men on it, four sailors and two.L.C.s was a cheap price to pay.
About a month later we hit some very rocky ground out on the moors.
I always had wanted to join the Navy so here was my chance to do just that, because this was a Government Recruiting Office, or so I thought.
Then the driver or a person from that vehicle had to open the gate.
On this occasion he grumbled "I seed this owd 'are (saw this old hare) an' ah let go at 'im, an ah couldn't believe ah'd missed 'im.
I opened the door to this haven of comfort to those who were in peril from nature.
Ooh look, this uns got drawers in it, cooed a voice, Yu gor a wun track bleedn mind mate, said a gravelly voice.Now the kid was crying because he had lost half of his rock.If one walked from the Railway on the main road one took the first left and one came to our camp, but if one were to carry on up this lane another 500yrds one would arrive at a Political prisoners camp.Anyway the Guard had a smile on his face as we marched into camp, halted, right turned and stood at ease.The Nurse took me over to a table and a bloke asked questions, I cant remember what about but there were lots of tables and Nurses and blokes asking questions, it was overwhelming, then we were taken to #100 reception Camp Buckinghamshire, this was.Perhaps I should be grateful that their rifles were not accurate, but then we did not use ours except to fix our bayonets.I remembered when we used to ramble across fields collecting brambles and when we got home Mum used to cut the crust off slices of bread and having washed the brambles would cook them in a pot adding a little sugar, then lining a basin.Selkirk Town I remember well.I had also noticed that some of the lads bored holes with the first drill that came to hand and some of the holes were too big.However fortunately for him his doting mum on glancing up from her knitting to check on her offspring happened to notice the two old dears looking daggers at her pride and joy so she grabbed him and made him stash the toy with the promise.

I knew what I was doing, so if I got caught I would be shot as a saboteur.
With thudding hoofs digging into the road to get a better grip the two huge shire horses dragged the heavy body of the bull up the planks.