Britain has long had a problem finding organ donors, particularly from its black, Asian and ethnic minority communities.
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This is the first of many times Charlie imitates different Al Pacino characters.
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Rock, flag, and eagle!
Come for the internet anthropology, stay for the dog videos.
Everyone is paid for five.This is a reference to Blue laws in Pennsylvania, which limit alcohol sales on Sundays.Calculating Pot Odds and How Often Your Opponent has to Fold to Your Bluff.Huffington Post piece looks at Viennas successful social housing system.( Approaching Dennis and Mac, with Ryan and their sister Margaret ) Hey, man, my sister wants to ask you something.Contents show 2:30 AM on a Saturday, as, charlie complains about.I'm gonna rise up, gonna kick a little ass.Photograph: Jim Wileman for the Guardian.So they rallied, and together achieved something remarkable, as Simon Usborne found out.Timing Tells in husngs, chapter 4: The Broader Game, common Reasons Winning Poker Players Become Unprofitable.Chapter 2: Frequencies, how and When to 3-Bet Light.

The gambling has taken a dark turn, for they are now playing Russian Roulette.
Ryan and Liam McPoyle show up at the bar, making Dennis and Mac re-think their new bar's strategy.
Studying that Helps, and Studying that Wastes Your Time.