You also have our range calculator available.
Its the foundation of all your good decisions and the base of success.
We've already discussed how to sininen lotto krocosile analyze the opponents range and how to netticasino pelit palautusprosentti adjust.
Ranges arent for memorization and dogged use.You need to use the theories and considerations I teach you to adjust to your opponents and each situation.How to filter for cold calling opportunities in PT4: In PT4 select the dates you want to review Set the Group to Position so you can look at cold calling opportunities by position In the filters go to Actions and Opportunities, go Preflop, then the.If hes only got AA-KK and AK in his best poker twitch channels range, you definitely shouldnt be calling with. .When we only take pot equity these are the 10 strongest hands: AA77 AKs-ATs AKo-AJo KQs KQo KJs KTs QJs QTs So there.Post-Flop Hand Ranges We started the hand with a basic evaluation of our opponents possible hands.On the other hand, if hes got all pps, suited broadways and some off-suit broadways in his range, then calling the AJ could very easily be a EV decision.
Lets further say we want to play 10 of our hands from this position and then raise that percentage the closer we get to the button.
Adjusting range more important than adjusting appearance.
We have just 46 equity.If were in the big blind, the opponent raises to 3bb and its folded to us, there's.5bb in the pot and we have to pay only 2bb to play.But against a button raise were favourite most of the time and were hiding the strength of our hand very well.We have eliminated 16 suited (KJs, KTs, QJs, QTs) and 24 off-suit hands (KQo, AJo) from our range so we need to find 40 other hand combinations to fill.It should be obvious to all that you need to adjust the ranges you cold call with based on the opponent who opened the pot. .When in doubt, skip the cold call pre-flop b/c remember, folding pre-flop is a neutral EV decision, so better to err on the side of caution if you think it may be an unprofitable call.