Age When Smoked: Fresh - 1 Year 2 people found this review helpful.
I will later edit it if by the end of the tin any of this review is affected.
It's my own subjectivity which would have me seeking to blend my own VaPer rather than buying Orlik's, and lotte aloe vera grape I neither regret nor reject this blend as being enjoyable for the most part.
The strength of this tobacco is rather mild and the topping is only slightly detected in your smoke.Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note Emeritus Account (28690) Mild Extremely Mild Medium to Full Pleasant Many years I tried a bulk blend called "Copenhagen Slices." It was some sort of VA flake.The Virginias are citrus forward, with a mild earthy barnyard note.Very handsome flakes, perfect moisture level.I poker wakavvaka tend to "drink" my pipe-full rather than just sipping it - so I can unintentionally induce a blend to bite when it really is my fault!It is also similar to Dunhill Light flake, but manages to be sweeter and more ethereal, without that perfumed (soapy) undertone.But it is no big problem.Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note Emeritus Account (28690) Medium to Strong None Detected Medium to Full Tolerable Orlik Golden Sliced offers a lot to the Virginia lover.I don't know.) used to smoke this all day long and the sweet and delightful roomnote lingers in my memories.In my meerschaum it burns a little hot when stressed but no particular tongue bite.Within about 20 minutes I'm kirjautuminen vedonlyönti laying down and on the verge of nausea.There was just a hint of tongue bite but that was only when I first opened the tin and the flakes were still a bit moist.Now I don't ever go to an aromatic anymore and I'm going to go back and redo my aro reviews.The only thing they had in stock was Orlik Golden Slice.It's unfair to call this rubbish.
Will be a good addition to any collection and is rapidly becoming my morning wake up smoke.
I'd be surprised if this tobacco surprised the more experienced smoker, but that is not to say this is not a good baccy or that it should avoided at all cost.
Out of all of the tobaccos I have smoked in the past few months, this is by far the best.Technology makes some things just too easy.I have not given it the fourth star, but I seriously considered.Purchased From: Pipes Cigars 2 people found this review helpful.The color of the tobacco varies from medium brown to light gold, and exhibits a patterning that is similar to the bird's-eye grain that is found on some briar pipes.It packs well inside a group 5 bowl with no rubbing needed.The taste is quite mouth- filling, while the tobacco doesn't ever get heavy or cloying.Age When Smoked: At least six months old Purchased From: 4noggins 2 people found this review helpful.It came at near-perfect moisture in the tin and I've experimented with various degrees of dryness.Does smoke a little hot but I didn't have any tongue bite issues.