superena max lotto results

There are 5 prize tiers in all and to give some further insights into these and the horde bonus objectives spires of arak amounts you can expect to claim, here is a typical prize breakdown: SuperEnaMax Jackpot 84,999,957.00 107,106,800.00 138,767,571.00, match 5 plus Bonus 793,600.00 1,000,000.00 1,295,600.00, match 5 12,829.00 16,165.56.
To view latest winnings and results, do check the site regularly.If you happen to win, it would be great if you dropped us a line and shared the good news with us and our readers!From this extra number set, a SuperStar number is randomly drawn.Then when a win happens, you can bet that the prize pot is something really special!When a Superdraw is announced, players select their six main numbers as per usual.We are expanding the site all the time and hope to soon have a results section, similar to the one you see here on our.Find out if you have won.The odds could pokerstars casino no deposit bonus be in your favor today, there is no way of telling when the big things happen.More details and tickets can be found on the operators site.The Superdraw function must be switched to on before you have the option of selecting a SuperStar number so you can use this to establish whether there is a special draw in play or not.The SuperEna Max lottery is quickly becoming renowned for its unique and exciting features and would seem to have established itself very quickly, so we can see no reason why this one isnt here to stay and grow even bigger as time goes.Players can view SuperEnaMax raffle draw results, numbers, along with prize breakdowns and winners here.We wish each and everyone playing lotteries online the very best of luck.Thats right, 3 chances per week to hit those lucky Superenamax numbers and pocket a windfall that can truly change ones life.Please feel free to share via social media and spread the word 2017 Superena Max lotto news and updates At the time of writing we have just had one of the previously mentioned mega jackpots.Not only that, the SuperEnaMax lotto operator ( visit their site here ) guarantees a fixed prize jackpot in excess of 100 million at least once per month with its Superdraw play option!
Unlike the aforementioned SuperEnaLottos varying jackpot prizes, when you play the new Super Ena Max lottery there is always a guaranteed minimum prize amount of 75 million pounds sterling, plus a special draw play option that instantly increases the price funds, adding an extra opportunity.
SuperEnalotto results are published here immediately after the draw has taken place at 20:00.
So to recap please remember this; in order for a player to win the additional 100 million on top of the guaranteed jackpot, all six regular numbers, plus the extra SuperStar number must be matched!
SuperEnaMax is the latest global lottery game offering high cash value minimum prizes and frequent draws.It was launched earlier in 2014 and is based on the format of another hugely popular European lotto game, the.Played in Italy since 1997, SuperEnaLotto should be well known by online lotto players, for some of the largest jackpot prize amounts ever available to play for.There were 462,074 Winners in this draw!If you would like to view historical SuperEnalotto results, select a year below for more information.And because the jackpot prize already starts at 75 million, it will not take long for things to get very interesting as opposed to in the Italian Superenalotto, where it takes many months of rollovers for the prize fund to break 100 million.As you might expect, you have to hit all 6 digits in a single line or entry to claim the jackpot prize.Having fixed jackpot amounts simply means an added dollop of 5 million to each unclaimed jackpot in the draw that comes next after.The odds are long in order for the jackpots to build up as players buy more and more tickets.Update: This text was originally posted on the site back in the autumn of 2014.The latest draw results are posted immediately after each lottery draw and the winning numbers are based on the published winning numbers for the official SuperEna Lotto draw of the same date.Home, superEnalotto, results, all the latest SuperEnalotto results are listed here, starting with the most recent.More about this amazing extra feature below.