standard form bingo tes

Used for korttipelit tikki revision, starters, plenaries.
Written and shared by schools in the South East.
A site with plenty of big numbers.
Fractions, percentages, growth Decay, ratio Proportion, factors, Multiples and Number Properties.Teachit Maths though a subscription site offers its entire collection of activities as pdfs for free. .M (See these posts for more information on the excellent Diagnostic Questions site).Once they have filled their grids, you reveal one question at a time, and students cross off the answers if they have them.You can find all the Standards Unit Resources here ).Order of Operations, decimals, rounding Estimating, calculator Skills.
This page lists recommended resources for teaching number topics at Key Stage 3/4.
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Then questions are shown one at a time and if a student has the answer in their grid they cross it off.The below, qQI bingo gives your class a selection of answers to fill in their bingo grids.Magnifying the Universe Secret Worlds: The Universe Within t You can find lots of data with very large numbers using Gapminder Staying with world statistics, you could try Jonny Griffiths World-wide Statistics task from his Making Statistics Vital.If you like the page then tweet the link using the button on the right.Create your own.

post on, is That A BIG number students could be shown how to check their work on WolframAlpha and finally some more great links including some rather good animations: Scale of the universe.
After the students have answered the question, you can reveal the answer.
From TES Resources an extensive collection of (free).