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River (44,850 5 Analysis from Doug The first sizing error lotto april 6 2018 in this hand is the pre-flop raise somewhere between 1,800 and 2,000 chips would have been better.
For instance : LB_P_damage_multicast for physical LB (they are not affected by DW) P_evade Physical evade M_evade Magical evade EVO_MAG Boost to Evocation damage LB Number of LB point generated each turn.
If you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment below!If we bet 22bb (65 pot-size bet) and get called by one player, we will take a turn card with.5bb in the pot and 67bb behind.This hand was played by Doug and self-analyzed in his Overbet module in the Upswing Lab: 100 / 200 Heads-Up.This is particularly true with the hand we have, QQ, since high pocket pairs perform better with a low SPR and when fewer players see the flop.H_damage, same as P_damage but for hybrid damage.The newly added hands are KTsKQs and ATsAQs with backdoor flush draws.Maximize P_damage With P_evade 100 AND HP 5000.Improve to a straight draw on the turn, and then a straight on the river.Hero raises.For accuracy, I have put together another simulation using the Labs defending range for MP and the 3-betting range for the BU: This range folds.4 to c-bet (red rectangle).Below is what a proper defending range should look like: The newly added hands (blue rectangle) bring our continue frequency up to 58 (red rectangle).Hero is dealt Q Q on the BTN.Ill be using Flopzilla and PioSolver to dig in and make conclusions about floating.These hands often give up by checking on the turn, which opens the door for the floater to bluff.
I want to illustrate with this example that not only is the float play an offensive tool, its also a defensive tool that protects us from players who over-bluff on the flop.
Larger bets extract more value before the turn or river has a chance to reduce your strong hand to a bluff-catcher.
Doug is dealt 4 2 in the.
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2 folds, flop (6.5 9 8 5, mP bets.3.P_damage_MAG, same as P_damage but use MAG scalling.Unless we are playing an opponent who c-bets the flop and then gives up far too much afterwards, we will need to have at least some chance at a made hand by the river in case our bluff doesnt work.Documents show the buyer of Bonnie Springs Ranch is Joel Laub, former CEO of Astoria Homes.So, in this case I also added all the AQ combos to defend properly against our opponents c-bet.

Racial sensitivity, be damned, were having a rootin-tootin good time!
In the equity calculation below, we can see just how little equity the BBs range has versus our value betting range: The BBs estimated range has just.32 equity.
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