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See the GNU General Public License for more * details.
Translations 1337speak (l0l dr0pp3d 70 du3 70 5l07 r353rv4710n.Hebrew (he hungarian (hu ki club world casino no deposit bonus july 2017 lettél rúgva helyfoglalás miatt, italian (it) Droppato per uso di uno slot riservato Japanese (jp) Korean (ko) Latvian (lv) Izmests d slotu rezervcijas Lithuanian (lt) Imestas dl viet rezervacijos Norwegian (no) Kicket fordi en spiller brukte sin reserverte plass.0: Ignore immunity levels (except for specific group immunities).(Public slots are defined as: maxplayers - number of salon bingo ideas reserved slots) / - / Requires: x / Default: 0 sm_reserved_slots 0 / Specifies whether or not reserved slots will be hidden (subtracted from max / slot count).Or, give groups access to the overrides in admin_g (e.g.Cannot retrieve contributors at this time.1: Show admin activity to non-admins anonymously.Requires: x / Default: 0 sm_reserve_type 1 / Specifies the number of reserved player slots.You must obey the GNU General Public License in * all respects for all other code used.With this method admins could one by one join a full server until they all get.Valid values are 0 (Disabled) or / 1 (Enabled) / - / Requires: x / Default: 1 sm_trigger_show 1 / Specifies whether or not to display vote progress to clients in the / "hint" box (near the bottom of the screen in most games).Requires: x / Default: 0 sm_timeleft_interval 0 / Specifies whether or not chat triggers are broadcast to the server or just / the player who requested the info trigger.You can use this to simulate having a large number of reserved slots with sm_reserve_type 0 but with only need to have 1 slot unavailable when there are less admins connected.AlliedModders LLC defines further * exceptions, found in license.
When the client has accumulated / 3 or more tokens, a warning message is shown instead of the chat message.
Default: 1 sm_menu_sounds 1 / Specifies how long of a delay, in seconds, should be used in between votes / that are "public" or can be spammed. .
Brazilian Portuguese (pt conexão cancelada por reserva de vaga.This controls how a client is selected to be kicked (only relevant to sm_reserve_type 1/2).3: Same as 2, except admins with no immunity can affect each other.Dutch (nl verwijdert door reserve slot, english (en).The same as sm_reserve_type 1 except once a certain number of admins have been reached the reserve slot stops kicking people and anyone can join to fill the server.Requires: x / Default: 0 sm_reserve_type 0 / Specifies the number of reserved player slots. .Thus, the reserved slots always remain free.