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Going to edit set post.
3) Some bosses will just tear your party up even with online poker traffic history all the damage how to open third relic slot hunter mitigation I describe above.
Also, even though bosses favor magic or physical, they will still often have some of the opposite damage so using the power/magic break will help mitigate that.
Blindphleb 17:39:16, link,", reply, chimerawizard said: likely a bit of each.The set I posted might be a good option if you picked a different ring/earring though.1) If they have heavy hitting magic damage have your healer bring Shellga and Protectga if it's physical damage.My Flex pick is usually my key to beating specific bosses though.Even though you have shellga or protectga already to mitigate their primary damage, using the associated power/magic break reduces that damage even further.1) If a boss has an elemental weakness, I'll usually add a spellblade into the party to exploit it on top of my existing black mage.Other times you can add another physical attacker who also has access to level 3 healing for Curaga when you need.In objective mode play mauritius poker tournament as a team of special military operatives, tasked with curing infected areas of a post-apocalyptic world, by planting controlled explosives before pulling a short sharp exit.
Those strats are all good and well to do damage but you still need to survive.
2) I maxed my magic break, power break, armor break, and mental break.
There were several level 120 bosses that would hit either all or part of my party for over.5k damage with their primary attacks.
These can be a little frustrating since there is nothing to exploit for them.
Instead of a spellblade though, I'll take another fighter who can exploit the vulnerability.
Workshop, cURE now includes Steam Workshop support.Pick your speciality out of five player classes: Pointman, Support, Assault, Technician and Sniper, using each ones unique play style and equipment to support your team, and successfully complete each mission.Gear Vit: 96, skill: 501, thus power would be: 678 cure power, we would need 22 skill or 44 mnd or 88 vit to cap.MND to a lesser extent, and enmity- will keep you from pulling hate when a real tank isn't there and DD for some reason don't have good hybrid sets.About This Game, codename cure is a first person, co-operative zombie game with support for up to five players, providing dynamic, fast-paced zombie fragging with both objective, and survival-based missions.Click here to see them.2) Boss has a vulnerability to a debuff.It's pretty normal for me to use a Level 3 spell and hit for over 9k against their weaknesses with resistances dropped.Resupply in-between waves with a dynamic selection of weapons and equipment for your best chance to survive until the next round.Mnd: 91, vit: 83, merits: 15mnd/vit, gear Mnd: 152.My Black magic Users typically do the most damage from their abilities.I generally will just alternate which one I use each round.Summoners who use black magic can often do this.Similar situation for blind.