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This creates a northern exposure on the trail with a steep mountain slope looming above.
After dropping about 2,480 vertical feet, you'll end up red dead redemption cheat high stakes poker in the bottom of the Waterton Valley.To purchase a ticket, you'll have to wait until one of the Waterton Lake Tour Boats docks at Goat Haunt.Only 1 mile from the Sue Lake Overlook Trail Junction is the Fifty Mountain Backcountry Campground.About.4 miles north of Cattle Queen Creek you will encounter the Sue Lake Overlook Trail Junction.Military Retirement Calculators, i recommend visiting the, doD Retirement Calculators for additional information: When you compare the redux Retirement System to the High 3 retirement plan, you can see how the difference between the two plans can add up quickly.You will also get a great view of Mount Cleveland and the Stoney Indian Pass area.The Fifty Mountain Meadow along the Northern Highline Trail in Glacier Park makes you want to sing "The Sound of Music".All of your effort during your Glacier Park hiking adventure really begins to pay off in this beautiful place. We call the Fifty Mountain Meadow "The Sound of Music Meadow and once you visit this special place during your Glacier Park hiking adventure along the Northern Highline Trail, you'll understand why we call it that.However, if the Northern Highline Trail is closed, then more than likely Fifty Mountain Campground bhl b bonus is closed, so talk to a Glacier Park ranger at one of the Glacier Park ranger stations to learn the status of the trails heading to Fifty Mountain.Cattle Queen Creek (Mile.1) This is a view of Cattle Queen Creek drainage from the summit of Ahern Peak in Glacier Park (the actual creek is out of view).The Flattop Mountain Trail essentially parallels the Northern Highline Trail, so t he only reason a Glacier Park hiker would take the Flattop Mountain Trail is if the snow hazards have the Northern Highline Trail closed.Once the Waterton Valley Trail in Glacier Park leaves the beautiful alpine meadow of Fifty Mountain, it winds down a forested valley and ends up working its way down a heavily vegetated western slope that drops about 2,480 vertical feet in about 3 miles into.
For all the details on Goat Haunt, click here.
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You should also have hiking poles to stabilize yourself.
This huge alpine meadow at times is completely covered in wildflowers- literally.
This can be quite hazardous, especially if it's early in the morning or late in the evening when the "snow" is actually pure ice.These boats take Glacier Park hikers (who came from the northern wilderness of Glacier Park) to Waterton Township, 8 miles down the Upper Waterton Lake. Being about.5 miles north of Logan Pass and about.5 miles south.Elevation Gain: 1,910 vertical feet from Logan Pass 2,480 vertical feet from Goat Haunt.The Sue Lake Overlook (elevation 7,700 feet) provides world class views, and in our opinion is the most scenic spot on the entire Northern Highline Trail.

The trail then continues to work its way along the west side of the Continental Divide another.6 miles until it reaches the historic Granite Park Chalet and the Granite Park Backcountry Campground.
Fifty Mountain (Mile.5) Glacier Lilies galore!