skyrim more quick slots

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I'm an advanced user, y'know.
Now it looks like in vanilla game.Version.22.1 The first release for patch.22 had the NEW_potion_quick_slots_keys option set to pqsk_BindNewKeys, instead pqsk_HoldStdKey like specified in mod's description.It is incompatible with any other mod that changes these files, crosshair roulette except Corrected Sorting by Groznui, Sort Everything by DJ_Kovrik and Action Log mods.If the game saves every quicksave and doesn't overwrite it, are there folders for each version of your playthrough?This bug exists in vanilla game.
Txt file included in downloaded archive for details about how to bind new keys for the new quick slots.
Version.22 Updated for game version.22.
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Txt file with all the changes I've made to the redswf files for this mod.
Secon character All was well until I could finish a quest because a iron gate would not raise when chain was pulled in bleakfalls barrow.
Added a black background inside Quick Access menu.Inside the bundle you'll find some text files describing the changes: renamed an event, added custom icons, updated some functions etc.W, excellent work @wolfmark.Any info you can give on this would be greatly appreciated.I guess you don't realize that most pc games and all bethesda games work like this.Version.31, updated for goty version.31.D) Otherwise use file.

Compatible with Nexus Mod Manager.
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I would like to be able to create my own names for my saves or have slots foe each character I have created.