4, travel to the Whiterun blacksmith.
Equipping my best smithing gear, forging a Dragonbone Bow, drinking my best smithing potion, improving bow to Dragonbone Bow (Legendary) and wearing no fortify archery gear resulted in a bow with 193 damage.Did this article help you?Community Q A Search Add New Question Question Is there any cheaty way of getting to level 100 on Xbox One?Health and mana stack additively.This was a test of "best possible" in Vanilla/DLC parameters on a fully patched pc game.All locations (except safe locations) will respawn within 10 to 30 in-game days.Each gold ingot costs two gold ore, so you'll have half as many gold ingots as you had ore.Repeat until you have no more iron or silver ore.Just pay off your bounty or go to jail.Gold rings are also better than iron daggers insofar as they don't require leather strips, and they won't weigh you down if you make 100 of them at once.By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.From this point, you can repeat the whole cycle: buy as much iron (and silver, and gold) ore as possible, transmute everything to gold ore, smelt gold ingots, and use the ingots to craft rings.You'll need a pickaxe to.
This means that you'll be able to transmute, but only barely; if possible, find clothing that raises your Magicka latest casino no deposit bonus codes 2017 (or reduces alteration spell costs or select play club casino no deposit Magicka as the attribute to improve when leveling.
What have been your experiences and results when trying to do this?
Best enchanting potion produced with my best alchemy gear: 35 (Blue Butterfly Wing Snowberries).
Fortify alteration/destruction are additive, so four 25 mana reduction enchants stack to 100, or zero mana cost.
I've played 1,700 hrs and done this basic system many times in a non-vanilla game.
You can use a paralysis enchantment as well.
Single player game, whatever makes you happy, etc.Any good simple resolutions for PS3?This will allow the merchants' inventories and budgets to reset.Question Can this method work on an Xbox 360?I topped out at 3 sets of gear.

This thread is for those who like to craft the highest damage bows possible, or are interested in learning more about.
One easy way to level any skill is to simply find a master level skill trainer, knock them down and pickpocket the gold back while they are getting.
Drawing then sheathing weapons in front of guards prompts them to arrest you.