Cardzgroup's mifare and mifare desfire cards can be found in some of the largest transportation, payments, and loyalty card projects worldwide.
The new features that mifare Plus offers are: Virtual Card: Command set that includes function to select one-out-of-many virtual cards that can be emulated by a single NFC device.
NXP ucode G2iL: EPC Class1 Gen2 chip with 128bit EPC memory and 64bit utid with memory read protection.Infineon my-d NFC SLE 66R16P: NFC Forum Type byte eeprom and up to 2048bytes NFC memory.EM4450 / EM4550: Read/Write chip with 1Kbit eeprom and password protection used in ticketing, access control and prepayment devices.Common HF blackjack wiki LF dual frequency cards offered by Cardzgroup include: mifare EM4200 mifare TK4100 mifare desfire EM4200 mifare desfire TK4100 mifare T5577 mifare desfire T5577 mifare Hitag mifare desfire Hitag High Frequency Ultra High Frequency: HF UHF cards are becoming increasingly popular in loyalty and.Clamshell cards cannot be printed using an ID card printer because of their size; instead, you can print on adhesive-backed CR79 cards and apply them to the clamshell card.Common NFC cards offered by Cardzgroup include: ntag203: Early NFC Forum Type 2 tag with 168byte memory.Proximity Cards as low as:.19, magnetic Stripe, proximity Cards as low as:.49.Because of its Ethernet interface according to 10base-T / 100base-TX standard the reader is well suited for easy integration into an existing LAN environment.Hitag 1: Read/Write chip with 2Kbit eeprom used in logistics, asset tracking, industrial ID and automation.Icode SLI-X2: ISO 15693 chip with 2528bit eeprom and password protected read/write and 16bit counter.
Proximity cards, also called prox cards, work by wirelessly transmitting data to a card reader once they get within the read range, triggering your access control system to unlock the door.
These products have been widely applied in the fields of public transportation, access control, casino machines, deposit systems and etc.
UHF is negatively affected by materials in the environment such as metals and liquids, but is the best choice for applications that require a long read range and simultaneous reading of a large number of tags.
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Level 2 uses the Crypto-1 communication stream but the encryption keys are generated on the fly by AES-based authentication which in theory combines the security of AES with the speed of Crypto-1.
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Most often used to convert existing employee ID cards into prox cards, these tags can also be stuck on phones, phone cases, and wallets.850-960Mhz Ultra High Frequency Cards (UHF) UHF follows the EPCglobal Gen2 standard and uses the 850960Mhz frequency band to provide fast data transfer rates and much longer read ranges (up to 10m) compared to either LF or HF cards.ID T310/310-A Loop Antenna (suitable for Mid Range- and Long Range Applications) Dimensions: 318 x 338 x 30mm /.4.18.17 inch (LxWxD) works with all Mid Range Readers all Long Range Readers Antenna connection: Koax cable RG58, SMA plug Features: Transmitting.The NFC standard is based on ISO 14443, Sony's FeliCa, and ISO 18092 and was created to ensure a secure form of data exchange between card and reader.Printable Cards Not all prox cards are made from materials that can be printed.It is essential that you do not repeat card numbers this is what identifies each card, and duplicate cards will not work.Impinj Monza 4E: EPC Class1 Gen2 chip with up to 496bit EPC memory, 128bit user memory and 96bit serialized TID with support for omni-directional antennas.MR101-USB.56 MHz Mid Range Reader For identification.56 MHz transponders Dimensions 145x85x31mm /.72.35.77 inch (WxHxD) Possible Antennas: Pad-Antenna 340/240 (Office) or Loop-Antenna 300/300 (Industrial) Interface: USB (12 Mbit) Supply voltage: typical 12 V DC maximum 12-24V.Obid i-scan HF Mid Range Readers obid i-scan HF Mid Range Readers are suitable for applications within the tracking and tracing of documents and products, conveyor systems and automatic production processes.