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NB: This is only relevant when using sm_reserve_type 1/2.
All admins, and atrium casino monaco donators, have the sunless sea ship slots "a" flag, I want a non-donating player kicked, to make way for an "a" flag player.
Chinese (Simplified) (chi chinese (Traditional) (zho czech (cze pokousite se pripojit na rezervovany slot.English (In-game Preview dropped to due to slot reservation.You can use this to simulate having a large number of reserved slots with sm_reserve_type 0 but with only need to have 1 slot unavailable when there are less admins connected.With this method admins could one by one join a full server until they all get.Choice to redirect players instead of kicking).French (fr kické pour cause de slot réservé.0 - Highest Ping 1 - Highest Connection Time 2 - Random Player, immunity, to make players immune from being kicked by the reserved slots plugin they need to have access to the override 'sm_reskick_immunity' (users with root or reserved slot access are already immune).Brazilian Portuguese (pt conexão cancelada por reserva de vaga.
This is for servers that want some people to have playing preference over other.
The only situation where the reserved slot(s) can become properly occupied is / if the server is full with reserve slot access clients.
1 : If someone with reserve access joins into a reserved slot, the player with the highest latency and / no reserved slot access (spectator players are selected korttipeli neljä korttia pöydällä first) is kicked to make room.
Danish (da fjernet på grund af pladsreservation.
Hidden Slots sm_hide_slots 01 This controls the plugin hides the reserved slots (the default is 0).
Phrase Information, plugin, sourceMod Reserved Slots, name.
(0: highest ping, 1: shortest connection time, 2: random) / - / Default: "0" sm_hreserved_drop_select "1" / value to be subtracted from the immunity level of spectators.To connect to the reserved slot of a server that shows as full you will need to use 'connect ip:port' in console.This file was auto-generated by SourceMod (v93) / ConVars for plugin "hreserved_x" / Version of hanse Reserved Slots / - / Default: "2.0" hreserved_slots "2.0" / protect admins from beeing dropped from server by reserved slot access (0: no protection, 1: except spec mode.Using sm_reserve_type 0 this is how many admins can join the server after it appears full to the public.Finnish (fi yhteys katkesi koska sinulle ei löytynyt varattua paikkaa.Translations 1337speak (l0l dr0pp3d 70 du3 70 5l07 r353rv4710n.Hebrew (he hungarian (hu ki lettél rúgva helyfoglalás miatt, italian (it) Droppato per uso di uno slot riservato Japanese (jp) Korean (ko) Latvian (lv) Izmests d slotu rezervcijas Lithuanian (lt) Imestas dl viet rezervacijos Norwegian (no) Kicket fordi en spiller brukte sin reserverte plass.Or would they be locked?Thus, the reserved / slots always remains free.Valid values are 0 (Visible) or 1 (Hidden).Sm_reserve_type 2 - Only available in SourceMod.1 or higher.Using sm_reserve_type 1 this is how many slots are saved for swapping admins in (you shouldn't need more than one).If enabled (1) reserve slots are hidden in the server browser window when they are not in use.The same as sm_reserve_type 1 except once a certain number of admins have been reached the reserve slot stops kicking people and anyone can join to fill the server.

And if they were in the server, the other 2 would open?
Polish (pl) Zostałeś wyrzucony z powodu rezerwacji slotów.