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This creates the same lighting effect normally only available from ringflash units made by studio flash equipment manufacturers, which are expensive, heavy and tethered (they have a cable from ringflash to power pack).
The hole the lens pokes through is 103mm so should be fine for most of the lenses you're no deposit bonus casino sign up likely to use with this set.The ringflash catchlights in the glass are a little more distracting though.Read more The Ringflash Adapter creates a very special lighting effect: a "3-d shadow-wrapped look".Features, build and handling, performance, verdict, specification.In this comparison taken about.5meters away from the flash the shadow from the shot without the adaptor is large and distracting and the brightness on the mask is harsh.The adaptor is solidly built and much better than the lower priced Chinese copies that have emerged.It's easy to attach.In TTL mode I found the exposure balance spot on with most subjects.When the unit isn't central the characteristic outline shadow you get is also uncentral, so it's worth making sure you have the ring evenly positioned.The Ray Flash version is far more pleasing.A before and after shot of a vase of sunflowers close to a wallpaper background.With the Ray Flash Adaptor in place we get an interesting pair of side shadows and no harsh black blob.The Ray Flash adaptor is the original ringflash converter designed by a Czech photographer and introduced in 2008.These light channels and reflectors distribute the light emitted from the flash evenly around the lens.
Just slide the head into the receptor, add a wedge or two if needed and rotate the pressure plate lock to clamp it into place.
Because all light originates from the front,.e.
From around the lens, it produces a virtually shadow-less look on the front of your subject, while a soft even shadow appears around the edges.
A plain wall photographed from.5 meters with a focal length of around 50mm The bare flash shot has some uneven illumination at the base.
The tube could be better diffused, studio units have softer covers.
If you want to create a ringflash style lighting this is recommended.You ninja casino can also use one with a vast array of other similar sized guns and cameras.It's really easy to use and provides a much better output than the macro flashes that are a similar price.Use mouse to play.Notice the typical ringflash shadow and also that its even front lighting has also illuminated the edge of the shelf too.I used a flash meter to measure the exposure reduction at a distance.6m.The flash was set to -1.5 exposure compensation.Large ring illumination, light weight, solid construction, neutral colour balance.Ray Flash Adapter: Verdict, the Ray flash Adaptor offers a low cost alternative to a studio unit for those who've already invested in on-camera Speedlites and similar.The key is the measurement from the centre of the lens to the centre of the flash tube.The unit is sealed with a silver reflective plate on the back of the ring and clear plastic on the front. .But you can use your left lens-supporting hand to balance the unit when hand-holding.The light is direct and evenly distributed, giving much better shadows than the light coming direct from a hot-shoe mounted unit.

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I normally suffer from flash afterglow, but this didn't hurt at all.
On close up portraits the light was too bright so I added a -1 stop flash compensation and the results were more interesting.