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Shaded winning cards on the final board for easy ID of winning hand.
Master Poker was specifically designed with intelligent, adaptive computer players, devoid of recognizable playing patterns, who make decisions based on actual table conditions, not by peeking at your cards or flipping coins without use of any true logic.Full program Help menus, quickstart Tutorial (to get you off and running) "I've owned MP for two years.User Hand Archive, allows you to permanently store the text details of any hand you wish to save for future view Running detailed text summary of each hand played that can be easily copied to emails or discussion forums The ability to record a running.You have found your way to the Official Site of Master Poker, still the world's finest poker software dedicated exclusively to playing No-limit Texas Hold'em.Rabbit Cam (see the next card to be dealt before folding).Analyze, instantly analyze the real money games you play online by importing your hands and letting the AI guide you.
Powerful Starting Hand Guide, for novice players, giving detailed advice on which hands to play and which not to (one of most amateur's greatest weaknesses and more importantly, why.
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Sfida i giocatori al tavolo verde!What veikkaus pelirajoitukset can I say.OK, artificial Intelligence, poker Training Tool, start free trial learn more.PokerSnowie for Tournament players?Great job, mate!"-Paul., Perth, Australia For those of you not interested in purchasing Master Poker today, thanks for visiting!Ability to quickly update or create your own fully customized blind structures using an existing template or from scratch.Personal History Tracking of every session you play (all player profiles).PokerSnowie has taken the first exciting steps in transforming into the ultimate poker training software, and we've started by implementing some of your most requested changes.Improve, fix your leaks, become less exploitable and increase your chances of success at No Limit Poker.Or would you just like to play against a world class opponent in a risk-free environment at your own convenience?Multiple AI computer player personalities (Tough, Aggressive, Super-Aggressive, Rock and Dead Money each individual player with their own extensive set of exclusive sub-attributes (making every individual player unique).Do you want to optimize your play and make it more difficult for opponents to read your game?Learn, accelerate the learning process by using the hand ranges advanced features and all the evaluation capabilities of the.BUY or learn more, you wouldn't think a computer would have that kind of balls!