poker red line course

This spot is negative for almost everybody, of course; the key here for quantity players is the number of hands that show up in this spot.
There is no quicker way to blast your red line upward than by taking down pots on the river uncontested.
And this will ultimately affect the only line that really matters (your green one).You need to always remember one y8 gobernador del poker 2 of the cardinal rules of poker that I just alluded to heavily above: Most of the time in poker nobody has anything very good at all!As I mentioned in my OP, if you have a big sample of light 3 bets in which you are winning.2 bb or so, but your 3 bet is low, you may be missing opportunities to swing your win rate.2bb/hand for.So how much is too much?This is because it will increase your Total AF significantly on their HUDs.
Calling preflop 3 bets.
If you are cold calling from the blinds with.3bb/hand win rate and you have no immediate plan to move up, then the logical adjustment for you to make is to cold call a slightly wider range.
Value Bet Thinner The simple act of value betting thinner means that you are going to make people fold more often.Folding your blinds most of the time is fine.I will delete any questions that evidence a failure to have either read this post or to have run the filters I listed.This strategy is not nearly as effective (at least at the upper end of the micros) in today's games because many regs are now aware of what you are.Your flop CBet is always going to be a bit higher than your turn and river CBets.Show you how to improve your red line without affecting your blue line significantly.Here's what all of these situations have in common: They are spots from which you can expect to extract, at best, a marginal profit.Many thanks for this!You can find your red line by the way in popular tracking programs such.Do you just sit down and play 4 hours?As I mentioned above we can take advantage of people who give up on the turn too easily by simply floating more often.Within the universe of players who play a quantity style (the style most likely to result in an upward sloping red line) how steeply upward is your red line?