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W WSF means Won Money When Seen s a decent indication of how well an opponent plays.
VP IP means Voluntarily Put Money Into the Pot.
M IP is on nginx server works with 1016 ms speed.» Online Poker Statistics aku ankka vedonlyönti avanto Pre- Flop Statistics But after, say, 2, 000- 3, 000 hands, you may already have an idea of how the opponent plays ( 2, 000- 3, 000 hands is better than nothing) and then you keep adjusting the way you play.Online poker statistics player.Is Online Poker Safe Statistics in Online Poker.Liviu obviously took this advice to heart as he has consistently been among the top money earners at?If someone has a high VP IP percentage, he plays a lot of hands and the other way around.AFq comes from Aggression Frequency.You get free pokerstars poker chips with your order!
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As with most stats, you ll get the most use out of your opponent s continuation betting statistics by comparing it with other statistics.
An opponent could seem aggressive while in reality, the opponent could be checking often ( which is hardly a sign of aggressiveness).
Sites usually buy your chips ranging from.
I dislike this statistic because it never considers checking.
Once again, remember to look at other stats as well, since a player could have a low wtsd percentage for katku korttipeli two opposite reasons: because he gets bullied around or he bullies other players around.Aggression Factor ( AF ) is the ratio of bets and raises to calls.Pspc giveaways at pokerstars live tournaments throughout?Poker Site Reviews Showdown Statistics Raised SB steal attempts.Some players like to scare their opponents away by 3- betting frequently and the 4- bet statistic helps you to determine if your opponent is one of them.Once you start taking poker seriously and dedicating multiple hours a day to studying it, you ll get a whole lot of better in the span of a few months.Like W WSF, this statistic gives you an idea of how well someone generally plays but it tells you nothing about the style of play.Em championship platinum pass terms conditions for more details.The q is in the name to not to confuse this statistic with Aggression Factor, which is marked.An effective way to get a more realistic idea of an opponent s actions is to simply look at aggression on individual streets.10 years with a strong reputation.Analyzing the following statistics of an opponent allows you to spot those whose blinds you can steal with relative ease.

The purpose of this article is to help you to get started by explaining all the basic statistics and how to interpret them.
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