poker night 2 ash williams

Claptrap: The little robot,.
Max: (random non-sequitur, such as "Get it looked at by a real doctor Sam: About the cards, chucklehead.
(says some gibberish) Is this hidden dialogue entertaining to you?
He still joins in conversations occasionally, and even vedonlyöntivihjeet liiga jumps onto the table when Sam wins a hand to collect the pot for koska lotto alkoi him.GLaDOS: Brock Samson has been eliminated.When someone loses in the "Army of Darkness" Inventory, Max is seen with the Necronomicon - and he inevitably screws up the incantation Klaatu Barada Tiptoe "Keanu Barbera Nimoy etc.).As mentioned before, GLaDOS does not get a skin change, but Claptrap gets a skin to make him look like an Aperture Science turret.Call-Back : If Sam is drawing dead in a showdown, he'll sometimes sing the funeral march identical to the one The Heavy sang when he was eliminated from play in the first game.Face Palm : A blatant tell Ash can do to indicate his hand isn't going well is facing upward while holding onto his face with his hands, followed by angrily thumping his fists onto the table once.He comes with his "Boomstick" on his back, and Evil Ash's Helmet as Optional Items.It means that you have to win a hand by only having a better card than your opponent, and something as feeble as a pair of 2s can blow it for you.Big "NO!" : Claptrap, after losing with a strong hand, wails in grief to the unfeeling high-angle camera.If you're gone, who'll regale me with tales of their epic battles with hygiene and interpersonal relationships?Demoted to Extra : Max goes from one of the main poker players to a background character.Jason (2003) called Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash.The game features unlockable in-game card, chip and table designs, as well as "Bounty Unlocks" for completing certain goals, which unlock Borderlands 2 content and, depending on the platform played, Team Fortress 2 items on Steam, Xbox Avatar items, or PlayStation 3 themes.Go-to Alias and in-universe, memetic Badass alter ego of Sam Axe, Bruce Campbell's character.
Ash doesn't realize Our Zombies Are Different, and wants to play the game as a Third-Person Shooter, namely telling Brock to just use his boomstick.
One Degree of Separation : According to GLaDOS's history records, Brock's ancestry traces all the way back to Ash starting it in the 14th century.
The judicious poker player knows the importance of a well-timed fold.That was a clever move that won't come back to bite you in your ample posterior.Sam is genuinely surprised to learn that there were other foods out there that aren't junk food.Claptrap says he'd better get used to it, as the dub is the only thing that survives the Great Digital Event Horizon of 2033.The player can unlock more versions of the Inventory for use, all with their own events.This indicates that he has a pretty strong hand and that it would be wise for the player to fold.Are you just idling so you can hear the crap we say?Comic books, video games, etc.Claptrap is dressed from his appearance at the Underdome Bank and Spike TV Video Game Awards.Much aa no call poker like in the Borderlands series, he talks big but scares easily.

Trivia, claptrap mentions Ash defeating "the Nightmare King" and "The Immortal Hockey Mask killer".
Borderlands and Team Fortress 2 players can win it for themselves if they successfully win a tournament where Ash offers the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis as a bounty.
But it probably wouldn't help, either (until it fixes itself.) People Fall Off Chairs : When in a showdown, Claptrap will sometimes fall off his chair when leaning forward.