These are also known as absolute moneyness, and correspond to cowboy poker game miniclip not changing coordinates, instead using the raw prices as measures of moneyness; the corresponding volatility surface, with coordinates K and T (tenor) is the absolute volatility surface.
Yes, they are usually correct but I think they assume everyone trading the strategy is an options expert (or at least took the time to read all the blogs and instructions) but the truth is most people are looking to be spoon fed which becomes.
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This is not an easy get X return on your money type of system.Apparently the reason Jim Fink does not lose money is because he will infinitely roll out a position increasing risk (and the amount of funds you tie up in the trade) and selling more and more and more time.This effectively normalizes for time to expiry with this measure of moneyness, volatility smiles are largely independent of time to expiry.If you dont you will not know if they are performing correctly, before huge losses.Conventionally the fixed quantity is in the denominator, while the variable quantity is in the numerator, so S / K for a single option and varying spots, and K / S for different options at a given spot, such as when constructing a volatility surface.
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458460 ) Chugh, Aman (2013).
The simplest non-trivial moneyness is the ratio of these, either S / K or its reciprocal K / S, which is known as the (spot) simple moneyness, 6 with analogous forward simple moneyness.
If I am lucky, 2 years from now the trade will end with a small profit.What problems did I run into during the testing?One position I currently hold started out as a 60 day trade, it went bad twice and now is rolled out over 2 years from today.Both of these programs trade a lot of probability based options.This is linearized by taking the log, yielding the log simple moneyness ln ( F / K ).That being said, I decided to give his strategy a try using part of my real portfolio.A component of the time value also arises from the unwinding of the discount rate between now and the expiry date.External links edit Renicker, Ryan, Devapriya Mallick.The sequel uses call moneyness as spot increases, moneyness increases and is the same direction as using call Delta as moneyness.While moneyness is a function of both spot and strike, usually one of these is fixed, and the other varies.

A volatility surface using coordinates a non-trivial moneyness M and time to expiry is called the relative volatility surface (with respect to the moneyness M ).