In this case, the 5th card is a J, and the board kicker is 2nd nut.
However, note that 3rd nut board kicker is not sufficient to call.That's why overcards to the board are perfect candidates for second barrels.Sure, sometimes he just made a flush and is going to raise you, but most of the time he's holding some weak pair and will let go of it if pressured.Possible and plausible straight and flush opportunities also make good candidates for second barrels.E.g., if the above case was 6s 6h Kh Qs Td, the dealer can beat you with an Ace or a Jack.What's your opponent going to do with a hand like 8 8?Here you should strongly consider just checking and giving.Otherwise, you need at least bottom pair and 3rd nut kicker to call.One last word : If you're playing against super weak players, like drunks in a casino or the lowest online limits, you should generally refrain from running big bluffs.
Only the big blind calls and the flop comes.
As the preflop raiser your opponents usually expect you to have big cards.
Related ray pelaamo kärkkäinen lahti Reading: In position or out?Finally, bet any pair with any flush draw.The expected value (EV) of this call is -1.9788, which is better than folding (-2 lose ante and blind bets).If your opponent calls you on the turn you should strongly consider firing any overcard and any spade on the river to complete your triple barrel bluff.If you're firing shots left and right, play every other hand, or were recently caught bluffing in a big pot, your credibility is out the window.This means call if you made any pair that plays.Bet any 4th nut flush draw, or 5th nut draw and both your cards are higher than the board singleton.If your starting hand is equal to, or better than the hands listed in the above table, you raise 4x, and you wait to see if you win.If you are drawing to 2nd nut or better, you dont need anything else to bet.The range of a floater is incredibly wide and that's what makes it very profitable to fire second barrels against those players.Zynga Poker has the strongest community of any poker game.Granted, my site is the first to publish strategy for post-flop play, but I thought that people would instinctively figure it out.Most players just bet the flop, pretending to have at least top pair - because that's what pre-flop raisers.