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Yes, playing this way often opens yourself to be exploited, too, but often times the lotto dec 1 2016 weaker opponents youre targeting with this strategy will not change their game to appropriately counteract this, allowing you to reap maximal profits continue to do so over the long run.
He had several friends who made a killing playing online during this time.
Whats Under the Hood?
Gtorb runs in the cloud with powerful servers using GTO algorithms called fictitious play and counterfactual regret minimization, to give you an idea of how deep and geeky this rabbit hole gets.Gtorb Software Features, now there are several GTO applications specifically built for poker, but gtorb was a pioneer in the field.Often times, the correct solution of deciding which hands to play is simply a math problem, which is something discussed below.Finding Balance: Poker GTO Bet Sizing To remain unexploitable (and to remain balanced and unpredictable you must balance the number of bluffs to your value bets when you bet.What is Poker GTO?The key idea that made it so successful?Sutherland worked on applying GTO to his poker study for a long, long time starting with pen and paper and working his way up to building the software.People were folding too much.However, there are at least 3 additional factors that need to be considered: Positional Disadvantage : Being out of position on our opponent, it will be much more difficult to realize our equity in the hand, as our opponent will be able to effectively utilize.If you block the nut flush, it means that your opponent cannot have that nutted combo in his range. As for the river, use the chart below to determine GTO poker bluff frequencies (relative to your bet sizing choice Bet Size Value Bet Bluffing 25 (1/4-pot) (1/3-pot) (1/2-pot) (2/3-pot) (3/4-pot) (Pot) (1.5x-pot) (2x-pot) 60 40 The way this chart works is in relation.
Understanding and applying principles of pot odds (and equity) can certainly help you out with that.
We assume any remaining heart, Queen, or 7 will give us a win on the hand.
For the turn, a bluffing ratio of ratio of about 1:1 is advisable.
Now we must calculate the pot odds were getting.: (bet amount / (our bet pot) pot odds 50 / (40 90) 40 / 130 .7, this means we must have greater than.7 equity to make a profitable call.GTO Range Builder, a powerful piece of software that calculates and visually analyzes game theory optimal decisions in poker based on the cards and ranges you input.TableNinja, a popular tool that he eventually sold to poker software mainstay.Bet Size relative to Size of Pot Minimum Defence Frequency To determine which hands, you want to continue with, take the number of hand combos in your starting hand range and then use the MDF to calculate how many combos you should be continuing with.Five years ago, c-betting on 80-90 of all flops was standard for good players.We have a podcast all about it: Getting Started with GTO, gTO 101.In that case, if the 4h or 2h came, it could improve our hand to a flush, but it also might improve villains hand to a boat.What he found after releasing the software was that it helps tremendously to have a deeper understanding of game theory and poker strategy to leverage the apps computational power.Poker GTO Software Various poker GTO solvers have been released in recent years to assist beginner, intermediate and advanced players in showing how to correctly play poker from a more balanced/GTO standpoint poker in various situations.Villains pohjola vakuutus bonuslaskuri Hand Range : While statistics on 3bet stats can be gained with a big enough sample size (i.e.Hands that we should continue with are those that retain the highest equity and playability, including: That means that perhaps our flop continuing range will look something like this: Highlights to note include the following: We eliminated pocket pairs of 4s and 5s, as these.Nowadays, the games are too aggressive to make this strategy profitable.Enter your opponents hand range based on their preflop action.

In fact, its only in some of the largest games at the highest stakes that GTO concepts are fully utilized and seen in practice, and even then, exploitative plays are still sometimes used.