pathfinder does enhancement bonus stack

Non-intelligent creatures (creatures with an Intelligence of 0 or no Intelligence at all) cannot benefit from morale bonuses.
In some worlds some races can gain the benefits of rest simply by sitting quietly maintaining an awareness of their surroundings, while in other worlds those races must sleep, which leaves them vulnerable to attack.
A character who has become comatose from sleep deprivation (see above) heals an amount of sanity damage equal to this amount upon waking up, as if she had gotten two nights of good sleep.
When the temporary hit points go away the characters hit points drop to his current hit point total.There are three types of levels.A shield bonus doesnt apply against touch attacks.AC, attacks, checks, saves Ioun stone True strike Luck A luck bonus represents good (or bad) fortune.In example, Kraag lvbet 30 free spins code a half-orc barbarian, has just donned hide armor (medium armor).When a creatures base attack bonus reaches 6, 11, or 16, he receives an additional attack in combat when he takes a full-attack action (which is one type of full-round actionsee Combat ).
1 When wielding two weapons, each weapon uses its own.
A line of effect starts from any corner of your square and extends to the limit of its range or until it strikes a barrier that would block.
In most cases, taking 10 is purely a safety measureyou know (or expect) that an average roll will succeed but fear that a poor roll might fail, so you elect to settle for the average roll (a 10).
Many spells (such as dispel magic, nondetection, planar binding, remove curse, and many more) require or include Caster Level Checks to function.Experience Points ( XP) As a character overcomes challenges, defeats monsters, and completes quests, he gains experience points.Rounding Occasionally the rules ask you to round a result or value.Adventure An adventure is a self-contained storyline the PCs experience.Sleep Deprivation A character can stay awake for a number of additional hours beyond its normal waking hours (16 hours for most characters) equal to her Wisdom bonus without suffering any ill effects.Nonplayer Character (NPC) This is a character played by the Gamemaster (not one of the other players such as a city guard or innkeeper, or even a monster such as a goblin.Less-common combinations of actions are permissible as well, see Combat for more details.Caster Level (CL caster Level Check, character Level.Unless otherwise stated, always round down.The result of that check must meet or exceed the Difficulty Class of the action that the creature is attempting to perform in order for the action to be successful.