In one possible sequence of events, Powerglide was captured and reprogrammed by the Decepticons, leading their army to Autobot headquarters.
Though Starscream left as soon as he judas priest firepower japan bonus regained his holdem table positions memory, Prime reflected that they'd learned that maybe it was possible to reason with a Decepticon.
No, not the tape guy, the other guy.On Earth, eviscerating numerous Coltonbolt satellites as he entered the atmosphere.In the aftermath, he reassumed his role as leader of the Autobots.Optimus then drove off to check up on the rest of his troops who were aiding in the area's evacuation.Once on Cybertron, Optimus orders a full-scale assault on the Quintesson base.Once the other Autobots were cured, they all drank a toast to Bumblebee, to celebrate his part in the mission Decepticon Poison Milton Bradley mini-comic Optimus was one of the many soldiers fighting under the command of the Autobot leader, Jetfire.Targets of Opportunity Lil' Jerry Unamused by Lil' Jerry 's decision to wear the Joe fatigues to BotCon, Optimus stepped on the little guy.Wataru's Power His past experiences naturally made Prime hesitant to put Wataru's power to use, but Osamu Kihara made the point that Wataru's power was invaluable for hunting down shards of the Energon Cube.This all changed when the Matrix of Leadership chose him to lead the Autobots in battle.Sunstreaker helps out in the endeavor and finally pinpoints the location of the last piece.They used it to create Primal Prime, and then gave the Matrix to their new creation.Terminus Departure When Rodimus died, Arcee responded to Fractyl 's attempt to comfort her by stating that it was alright as Rodimus was now with Optimus and the friends who loved and missed him while they were gone.
Four million years ago, when Decepticons attacked the Ark, he personally chose to crash it onto Earth, a decision that caused him much remorse when the war restarted on Earth in the modern day.
Finishing Blow Comic GT-R Prime was racing against GT-R Saber and GT-R Maximus when they were rudely interrupted by GT-R Megatron, a ruthless racer out to prove his worth by defeating all others.
The Decepticons, fooled into thinking they've won, took Optimus Prime into their base.
The Decepticons, believing the Autobots ruse, disarmed themselves in order to carry out the Autobots carcasses.
Together with the other powered up racers, he fought and defeated Unicron, saving the Earth.
Sometimes Optimus Prime merged with Vector Sigma soon after defeating the Hate Plague, and returned much, much later as Star id card badge hole slot punch heavy duty hand held Convoy.
They were shocked, however, when a fleet of battered, damaged Decepticons flew out of the mountain housing the antenna and off into the night.Optimus then presumably reactivated Sideswipe when his name was cleared.Decepticon Campaign When the other Autobots are weary of the next Decepticon Outpost, Optimus tells them not to worry and leads them in an Inspiring Charge.Among these was a Micromaster city, Micromaster micro bases commercial, the Race Car Patrol, Micromaster Patrols commercial and the Hot Rod Patrol.Optimus Prime's body was hauled out of the Arctic Ocean by the US military.The Autobots then proceeded to defeat the remaining Decepticons and claim victory.Four million years later, the Ark repaired them, and they encountered Sparkplug and Spike Witwicky.(English) Optimus had Bumblebee and Huffer plant false information to mislead the Decepticons.Prelude to Transformers: Combiner Wars - Optimus Prime After the Combiner Wars, Optimus watched the reconstruction efforts.

It was that leadership which turned the tide of the.
They were soon joined by Burn Out and Lift-Ticket, who informed the Cybertronians that they had stumbled across the Waruders' main hive.