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So often these days you will encounter regs at the lower limits who have a gap between their Flop CBet and Turn CBet of 20 points, 30 points or even more.
After the reg makes his CBet we could just call out of position here.What this means is that he will often fire a continuation bet on the flop, but if he doesn't have much of a hand by the turn (which is the case most of the time then he will just go into shutdown mode and give.I also know that this specific type of player is often looking for any excuse to fold.A larger share of the pots are won because somebody simply wanted it more, not because they showed down the best hand.Once again here is a rough visual representation of what that might look like.But it doesn't really dark crystal robe set bonus put us in a great spot on the turn since we will miss our flush 80 of the time and be out of position still with just a draw.It is important to note that if I decide NOT to double barrel this turn, then I am going to bluff plenty of rivers in 6-Max for all of the same reasons."Red line" (or non-showdown winnings) are a lot more important in 6max than full ring.
You also need to make sure that you are stealing the blinds any time you get a chance.
I am planning on building a poker bot.
So the bottom line is that the best 6 Max poker tournament strategy is to keep playing your slightly loose aggressive game in the early going in a 6-max poker tournament.
What is a good 6-Max poker tournament strategy?
I will be sharing with you my top tricks and tips that I have learned over the years from playing millions of hands of 6-Max online and crushing these games.
You can't open as many hands when you are on a short stack in a 6 max poker tournament.And furthermore, many players at the lower stakes still haven't made the adjustment in 6-Max to call wider versus aggressive players.So if you are first to act preflop in a 6-Max game, just pretend that you are playing a 9 handed game and three people have already folded before you.However at a 6-Max poker table, I would typically suggest playing about the top 20 of starting hands that are dealt to you.Well, in the early going of a 6 Max poker tournament you need to realize that it is mostly the same as a cash game.Because once again, most of the time nobody actually has anything!