Walls: Technology continues to take an increasingly crucial role in the architectural process.
Jon Sparer Principal, YWS Architects, Ltd.
Rather, I see the whole concept as a paradigm shift in how architects will design buildings for generations to come.
Flagrant wastes of bally's casino tallinn water, energy and other precious resources will no longer be acceptable.Ewing: Casinos are complicated, integrated spaces; you have to approach green design in pieces.Cost consultants now are brought on to the team from day one.But the baby boomers don't want to be left out; they'll hang on to every last bit of their youth, including staying in hotels designed for guests ranging from 24 to 63!We characterize this as a simpler yet sophisticated approach, exemplified by high-end modernism.
Properties need to not only provide comprehensive and diverse services, but make environmental changes quickly and freely as demands change, keeping the property perpetually fresh and exciting.
Douglas: The most significant trend is the continuing segmentation of the marketplace, and tailoring experiences to individuals.
Paul Heretakis, Vice President, westar Architects Paul Heretakis has more than 15 years of experience with the top gaming and hospitality companies in the world (Venetian, 3 oikein kenossa Bellagio, MGM Mirage, Caesars, Harrah's Entertainment, Trump) and celebrity chefs (Mario Batali, Paula Deen, and Georges Perrier).
Heretakis: Many of our projects have been put on hold because of escalating construction costs on other projects our owners are involved.
He continues to expand operations throughout the Southeast, principally North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama, and manages national expansion of the company's site development capabilities.We utilize many graphic, 3-D animation and video technologies to assist our clients in the visualization, development and evolution of their projects.Udell: Utilizing interactive lighting, video, LED and computer-based programs to accommodate for the changeability the casino industry demands.Ed Vance, President and CEO, Ed Vance Associates For 25 years, design excellence has characterized Ed Vance's career. .Our projects have standard water-saving features such as drip irrigation systems as well as drought-tolerant and desert-sensitive plant materials.Many high-rise condos have been stopped before we even complete their design.It's a reflection of the more universal, educated world traveler who has developed a deep appreciation for refined design.Rick Gardner, Partner and Principal, Hnedak Bobo Group As the leader of HBG's largest design studio serving the entertainment and hospitality markets, Rick Gardner has directed teams from concept design through client occupancy on an array of technically challenging and intricate large-scale projects from coast.Prifti: There are lots of different trends, just as there are lots of different tastes.Clients are looking for ways to be as green as possible without sacrificing customer expectations.A seasoned landscaping professional with 30 years of experience, Bart Ryder is a partner at Park West Companies Inc.Another passé trend; literal thematic design approaches.O'connor: Good design should never be passé.

For example, restaurants and clubs that are not doing well will be walled up, replaced, and renamed.
There's an ongoing trend to upgrade the exterior aesthetics of the highly visible parking garages, because they are a prominent part of a project's overall appearance.