oblivion race bonuses

These where updates that yoko kanno moon NEC01 made to the veikkaus tulosveto suomi kanada Mystic Elf race that came with Rens Beauty Pack.
Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files check the Mystic Elf p file(s).5 to Alchemy, Athletics, Blade, Hand-to-Hand, Illusion, Mysticism 10 to Security Their racial skills are low-level spells you can easily learn as representative of any other race.They are legendary sorecers and warriors.Beside the whole race balancing thing, this is additionally a really big cosmetic mod, too!Willpower, agility, m F, m F, m F, m F, argonian.Following the intervention of some Elven heroes and a group of warriors transported from the future, the night elf forces succeeded hi lo indices blackjack in preventing the Highborne from allowing the Burning Legion to permanently enter Azeroth, though the planet was shattered in the process.There they developed their mental powers, evolving a natural gift for all forms of magic (including necromancy and earth magic and adapted physically to their new environment, becoming shorter and weaker than other elves and losing all colouration.
Special thanks: daemondarque, Sen-Chan, AlienSlof, Capucine, Quarn, Luchaire, Ren, princess_stomper, Chingari, Ismelda, and all the people I forgot.
I made new normal maps for the old races, so they should look a little better, they still use the same textures.
Their eyes are blue or green, with gold flecks.Translations Spanish/Castellano by Joe1984ace Requirements Must haves to make this mods work.Custom Race Fix or Unofficial Oblivion Patches.Just one of these is needed to play custom races, I'd recommend the UOP as it also fixes a number of issues that where not fixed by Bethesda.Compatibility: Everything that doesn't touch races is fine.Some races have a male version, but I don't like them.Breton, dark Elf High Elf Imperial Khajiit Nord Orc Redguard Wood Elf Table.See the online readme for installation guide and content.Thanks to Dante90 for the short pierced elf ears.Ren 's Beauty Pack.There's nothing worse than playing with a character that you don't like, now is there?To Navetsea for the great skin textures.Permissions and credits, author's instructions, you may not use any part of this mod without my permission.5 to Blade, Blunt, Hand-to-Hand, Heavy Armor 10 to Mercantile, Speechcraft Two weak spells, one absorbing Fatigue and the second functioning as Charm - in other words, nothing special.

5 to Armorer, Block, Restoration 10 to Blade, Blunt, Heavy Armor A warrior-style race.
Female: 3 face textures, 2 headmeshes Male: 1 face texture, 1 headmesh Skills: Athletics - 15 Blade - 10 Sneak - 5 Light Armor - 10 Marksman - 5 Stats: Strength - 30 Endurance - 45 Speed - 60 Agility - 50 Personality -.
Female: 3 face textures, 2 headmeshes Male: 1 face texture, 1 headmesh Skills: Light Armor - 10 Blade - 10 Marksman - 10 Athletics - 10 Sneak - 5 Stats: Strength - 50 Endurance - 45 Speed - 45 Agility - 50 Personality -.