1 Chris Hughes (2003present) won 100 on The Sky's the Limit in the 1970s, Top of the World in 1982, Mastermind and International Mastermind in 1983 and participated on The Weakest Link in 2001 where despite answering every question correctly, was the last contestant eur0 jackpot tulokset voted.
He earned himself the nickname "Tremendous Knowledge Dave".
Retrieved 2 September 2017.Eggheads is a, british quiz show that airs on weekdays.If a contestant loses both of their lives, they powerpoll lotto are out of the game.If their answer is right, 200 is added to the prize fund but if their answer is wrong and de Mooi knows their answer is wrong, he presses a red button in front of him to answer the same question.The first four rounds each focus on one subject category (of nine) while the final round tests general knowledge.
In 2008, jeremy Vine became joint chair, and subsequently sole chair.
From series 16 Vine became the sole presenter.
In 2005, a winning member of Masterteam in 2006 and a semi-finalist on Mastermind.
Retrieved "Celebrity Eggheads - Series 8, Episode 1".3 He is currently a member of the Scotland Quiz Team.Rambling Badgers Series 14, Episode 139 3,000 1,254,000 Green Giants Series 15, Episode 12 13,000 #2 All five challengers win the final round against a single Egghead (Judith) The Amnesiacs Series 15, Episode 17 5,000 The Hound Dogs Series 15, Episode 20 3,000 Cardigan Carnage.Retrieved "Eggheads - Series 7, Episode 1".Retrieved b "Celebrity Eggheads - Series 6, Episode 10".Retrieved b "Celebrity Eggheads - Series 2, Episode 10".Retrieved b "Eggheads - Series 7, Episode 80".It was presented by Jeremy Vine and saw the return of CJ de Mooi, who left Eggheads in 2012.If there is no winner, the round goes into sudden death with no choices given for answers.

Current Eggheads, kevin Ashman (2003present) is the eight-time winner of the.