The total perks for the 4 set items (given by the armor itself when worn, these skyrim highest smithing bonus 3 that I can check) are health 33,.
Armor to be, and bow damage 10 to.Armor 7, and bows 7, which is consistent with the set's slightly lower level, and indicates that the Ash Warrior's 3 tier 1 bonuses casino capitalism wikipedia are actually the tier 1, 2 3 just mislabeled.Armor to be, which it is, and bow damage to be about, and it is actually 86 - can't explain that.Set: 20 total ranks, freedom, calls have a chance to trigger the ability to use a single healing skill from another stance.Set: 5 total ranks, piercing Calls.With no armor, health 558, mor 81, equipped bow damage (basic).Its seem to derive its damage reduction from the damage source not damage type.Set: 30 total ranks, encore, there is a small chance that a Coda will not consume Ballad Buffs.The set bonus stats as follows.Also testing it with a spider and defiler when he used his skills that actually said tactical on the tool tip it did have a 10 reduction.I tested this multiple times on several creeps.So aside from some defiler and weaver skills (like I'm gonna beat high ranked, well played spiders anyways I am not seeing much use to the set bonus.Even if this resolves nothing hopefully one or two champs will think twice before dropping comms on this set).Your Cry and Call damage is increased.Edit - Just out of curiosity, I checked the set bonuses for my Tracker armor, and it showed bonuses of tier 1, 2, and 3, but the bonuses of the 3 items I checked above were health 5,.
It maybe WAI or may be bugged but either way the description is rather lacking imho.
Webferth applied a benefit with Battle-frenzy royal flush chances texas holdem on Webferth.
To my dismay it its didn't reduce the tactical damage as I presumed it would.
Volkk scored a hit with Claws on Webferth for 305 Shadow damage to Morale.
One example, volkk scored a hit with Claws on Webferth for 305 Shadow damage to Morale.
I think you may be getting all the bonuses, even though it just has each bonus marked as tier.The 3 set bonuses (the ones I can check) are all shown as tier 1 : 11 health,.Battle frenzy reduces incoming tactical damage by 10 for 10 seconds.Set: 10 total ranks, concentration, you gain immunity to interruption and induction setback for 5 seconds after scoring a Critical Hit.Maybe you are too and the bonuses are just mislabeled all as tier.Armor, and 10 bow damage.Set: 25 total ranks, fierce Cries.If all of these set bonuses are applied I would expect my health to be which it is,.So without any set bonuses, I would expect health to be,.Set: 35 total ranks, retrieved from " ".The main crux of the issue is this bonus is for all purposes useless as creeps don't have tactical dps classes.

So, I am receiving all the set bonuses (the ones I can check) even though it is just showing tier 1 for each set bonus.
Ballads reduce the active cooldown of your Cries and Calls.