Need For Speed Carbon Boss Race Angie Muscle 192 Kbps.75 MB 00:10:27 1333.
Right after the start turn rapidly to the right and use the shortcut 1 but only first part of it 2).
Use this fragment - it's the fastest place of entire track.
I did it on the second curve.Angie will be left with no chance at all.Another left and a straight, and then an aegis christmas bonus minus one entrance to the shortcut 4).Then an "S" and left reversal.Long right reversal is easier to make by cutting it near the barrier 3 so you will exit it on the outside.Kempton, you will become a new owner of this district and another person will join your team.Second part of the race is of course canyon.
Repeat twice and Angie will be left with nothing.
After you beat the boss.
Samson and he's a really good blocker.
Also next chapter of the mysterious bag case will be revealed.Career, race #14: Mission Street.The method is simple - keep as close to Angie as you can on the straight, and when she drift in the corner, get into her inside.Then straight, left reversal, another straight and a corner, which is best to attack by cutting it right next to the sign.We start on Kempton Docks.It's a difficult, technical track, but if you drive it properly, then.And before you enter the next district, complete the race war.

The guy name.
Another straight and long right turn, in the middle of it there is another shortcut 5).
You have to brake, there is no other way.