i was happy to get third.
Blinds went up.5/5k.
After a loooooong dry spell at poker, i finally cought a break this week!
Flop 78J pretty much ended it there.Preflop bet guy folds!I took like 50 seconds, and said "i play sheffield mecca bingo to win" and shoved in hoping he had AAxx with no blockers.Finally, a flush beats a full house.Had nut flushdraw with AA and i was looking to get my money in asap so i could start small balling with a good stack.Untill the next dude veikkaus peliautomaatit started so right the next hand, 7 players left at the final table, shortstack bets pot utg.He turned over KKJ5.I play guitar, love music and chess.
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Mr angry guy checks, and so.
Like 140 guys remaining.
Then went down and down and down.I bet pot on the flop since i knew pcmcia to expresscard 34 54 expresscard slot adapter the other guy had AAxx.Then i made a sad sad play and as result i ended up bluffing 1/3 of my stack away.When 6 guys was remaining i said " i dont really care if you all are mad at me for some reason, i still wish u all the best of luck.Mr angry dude was infact a good player, but he was so pissed at me so he played bad every other hand.After about 5 hours i remember looking at my stats, over 80pots won @showdown, and when 485 hands were played i had 109 hands pots won without showdown.WE have been producing hand-made candles IN poland FOR many years.When 3 guys was remaining the chips were pretty much even.