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Unless you have personally worn a pair.
I have to admit, I am surprised that Lotto have not attacked the US market more but instead they have stuck to the European market.I have a medium to wide fit and these offered just the right shape and width to offer ultra comfort.Conclusion, theses cleats actually outperformed my expectations!Bear in mind you need to give them a session or two before they start to contour in unison with your feet.My initial fear with these cleats was the soleplate.Then you also have the option to go Orange, Yellow or Blue (as seen below).I am a fan of shape, as I can already tell they are a medium fit, and this is particularly important in the mid-sole region.Frequently, I receive feedback from players who swear by the consistency and comfort they offer, and a lot of players are confused as to why they dont get more attention.If they were to merge into the US space, I think they could really hit a niche market with these. .Lotto stadio 300 ID, darmowa dostawa od 200 zł, zobacz szczegółowe rozmiary.
Everything about them screams tradition and they are worn by old-school players all across the country.
Fact is, the K-leather upper on these boots ranks right at the top of the market, while they seem to offer far better durability properties than some of the newest releases on the market!
Wyściółka: Włókno, podeszwa: Guma odporna na ścieranie, rodzaj ocieplenia: Brak ocieplenia, wskazówki pielęgnacyjne: Przed pierwszym użyciem zalecamy zaimpregnowanie.Unlike many current releases on the market, the Stadio is very low key, black on black!Weight wise, the Stadio Primato weigh in.6oz, which is a pretty optimal weight especially for a heritage release.If you want to find out more, head over to m, where they are currently priced.99.Lotto Stadio Primato, yet the boot still holds a key position amongst boots in the heritage genre.I probably would not have purchased a pair of these before testing them.You get plenty of comfort and a reliable level of performance.At first it was fine because the tongue is stiff.If they are a boot that you like the look of, my advice is to take a chance and splash out on a pair.Another option is to tuck it under the laces, something that offers a slightly different look or you could simply cut the tongue off at the ankle.Black/Black colorway pictured offers one of the most traditional looks you will find on the market and there is also an all-white version to consider that is very tidy.

For the most part, the Stadio Primato can be found on sale at most stores.
They fit just right, and because they are K-leather, from the first game they start to mold to the shape of your feet.
Another bonus about Lottos cleats is the fact that the upper is stitched to the sole, increasing the life span of the cleat.