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"Calling the Sino-Soviet Split" by Harold.
"Whiting, Agnes" Hybridizing "Red Iris "Parents of Burning Brand" April B "Rev.Leon Boschoff-Mostert of Johannesburg, South Africa;.Washington Regional Reports April Illinois Franklin Cook Regional Reports April Arkansas Frank.V10:2-37-42 (Spring 1966) kasino ilman talletusta PDF 304.2KB* In praise of world-class Soviet Atlases and their geographic, economic, social, and political information as useful intelligence sources.Wister History Bulletin information from TOC July European Iris Notes - 1927.Marion Shull Awards January Introductions Registrations Introductions January Varieties Registered Registrations Introductions January Varieties approved Registrations Introductions January Names unapproved or synonymous Registrations Introductions January "1931 Reports, President, Secretary, Treasurer" Reports Financial January "Varietal Notes from Italy, " Countess Senni International Countess Giulio Senni January.Dale Species Iris April Garden Note Eleanor.D." Photograph April C "I.Thomas Nesmith varietal comments July Varietal Notes 1935."The National Intelligence Daily" by Nathan Nielsen, Stud.Monroe Garden Reports July Irises in the Garden Sydney.Harder Garden Jake H Scharff Garden Reports Varietal Comments July Garden.V11:4-31-36 (Fall 1967) PDF 308.6KB* Gates, Robert M see Walters, Vernon., "Dedicating the Berlin Wall Monument" Gates, Robert., "Guarding Against Politicization", Stud.
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The conference, which was co-hosted by CIA, was attended by over 150 Cold War intelligence veterans, historians, and journalists from the West and from the former Soviet Bloc.
V46:3-37-43 (2002) PDF.6KB* "The Art of China Watching" by Gail Solin, Stud.
No Bugles for Spies by Robert Hayden Alcorn.
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V9:3-1-6 (Summer 1965) PDF 292KB* Predicting enemy reactions to a postulated US course of action can be a frustrating, thankless task with questionable outcome, but if well done it at least helps the policymaker see the issues and hazards more clearly.