Was.25 Million Lotto Texas Jackpot Next Lotto Texas Jackpot.5 Million Order Drawn: ( 25,827,165 Total Combinations - Odds ) Used Ball Set: 14; Machine: M Drawing Machines Effective 9/1/15 6 of mutations slot witcher 3 6 (Jackpot 0 Winners 6 of 6 Share From "draw Sales.
5 of 6 (2.23 15 Winners @ 1516 22,740 4 of 6 (3.28 720 Winners @ 46 33,120 3 of 6 (4.02 15,084 Winners @ 3 45,252 Winning "Lotto Texas" Tickets Sold This Draw: 15,819 Losing "Lotto Texas" Tickets Sold This Draw: Est 1,003,912 Gross.05/25/19 Lotto Texas Drawing - Per Capita Sales: Est.0354 ( Population - Revised Oct 12,956,958 ) - "extra" - (If played, purpose is to increase low tier prizes - 2) Match 5 of 6: 3 Winners @ 11,516 Match 4 of 6: 188 Winners @.Click here Meet Kelly Cripe - The former Spokesperson For the Texas Lottery Former" as of late Jan 2019) She's the person who decided I didn't need to receive public information that I pass along to you every day!Low tier prizes - Whatever is not needed (allocated) to pay Texas prizes, MAY be sent out of state.Will update this pdf on a regular basis.Of course, the lottery ignored it!Total Tickets In Play For This Draw?Musl sent Est 24,515,253 Est 103,212,407 to fund Texas jackpot winners since inception.What will the AG do to help me?Extremely risky for the state of Texas!See which wins were overpaid and understand the "Reserve Fund Click here 6) Should you win Lotto TX, everum casino bonus click real money poker tournaments online here to see exactly how much you have coming.Lone Star Line Up - Sales By Draw See the dollar value of tickets sold for Cashfive, Triple Chance and All or Nothing as a direct result of this promotion.Click here Since TX began playing Powerball (2/3/10) through 03/28/18) The TLC has sent an est 720,430,789 out of state to pay Powerball jackpot winners.Krause's Tax, chicanery " A very interesting and telling story about the man who Chairs our Lottery.
Statistics, total Sales 14,236,920.00, total Winners 36,793, total Won 648,372.50, sum 151, odd/Even 3/4, sales Differential From Previous Draw -44.226.
They Do Not Have To Adhere To Consumer Laws.
When the amount of the 7/7 prize category for any given draw exceeds 60 million, each 1 million in excess of the 7/7 Cap is drawn as a separate 1-million maxmillions prize.
Click here - 21 Draws In Current Roll - 40M, 45M, 50M, 57M, 75M, 88M, 104M, 120M, 140M, 157M, 175M, 192M, 212M, 229M, 252M, 273M, 295M, 316M, 339M, 367M, 393M 05/24/19 Mega Millions Drawing - TX Per Capita Sales:.1098 ( Population - Revised July 5,797,290.
UltraLotto 6/58 9pm:, in any order, jackpot Prize: Php 58,720,769.80.
Click here Another Dave Lieber, Dallas Morning News story - everyone should read this one!
Players Won (Draw) : 150,360 - 6 Draws in "Roll" - 5M,.25M,.5M,.75M, 6M,.25M Balance in 3 of 6 Prize Pool Since Game Change on 4/23/06 Balance in 3 of 6 Prize Pool: Est 309,569 (3 of 6 prize pool's beginning balance.Great story by Jason Clayworth, an Investigative Reporter with the Des Moines Register Posted 1/29/19 - Click here An Astounding (TLC) Willy Wonka Video Meet the 1 Billion Willy Wonka Winner A rude awakening (intriguing) video for all to watch.Players share is 50 of sales and the states share.Visit Casino » *Lottery numbers are unofficial, check with lottery retailer for official numbers.Part 1 - Is Texas' "Big Ticket" A Deceptive Scratch Ticket?Posted May 13, 2019, Click here then scroll down.Check your own tickets.Related "Lotto Texas" Links 1) Pretest Drawing Results.

YR Est 4,398,311 After Minimum Taxes (25 Est 3,298,733 Short to Fund From Sales: Est 2,079,241 "Investment Cost/Cost to Fund" - The amount needed to invest that gives a return.25 million over 30 years (CVO).
Click here Texas Lottery All or Nothing - All or Nothing Stats - Sales, Payouts Number of Winning Tickets Click here All or Nothing Drawings Held - Monday through Saturday - 4 Draws Daily - 10:00 AM - 12:27 PM - 6:00 PM - 10:12.
SuperLotto 6/49 9pm:, in any order, jackpot Prize: Php 114,427,873.60.