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Click here - 12 Draws In Current Roll - 40M, 45M, 50M, 57M, 75M, 88M, 104M, 120M, 140M, 157M, 175M, 192M 04/23/19 Mega Millions Drawing - TX Per Capita Sales:.0725 ( Population - Revised July 5,797,290 ) - Interesting Stuff - 1606 Mega Millions drawings.
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Was.5 Million Lotto Texas Jackpot Next Lotto Texas Jackpot.75 Million Order Drawn: ( 25,827,165 Total Combinations - Odds ) Used Ball Set: 18; Machine: K Drawing Machines Effective 9/1/15 6 of 6 (Jackpot 0 Winners 6 of 6 Share From "draw Sales.
Texas' Big Ticket is Taking Unfair Advantage of Lottery Players.Click here Compare How Many Tickets (MM vs PB) Were "Printed" Per Draw Since PB Price Increase - Sad but true, Click here Draw Date Winning Numbers Jackpot Amount (Millions)?This will instantly alert you via e-mail as soon as the results have been published.Break-Even Tickets: 18,649 Winning Tickets: 2,015 Losing Tickets?Will update this pdf on a regular basis.They are selling fewer tickets than ever before!New Balls. New Balls. wmv file - should open in Windows Media Player) Posted June 23, 2014 - Click here 2019 Past Winning Numbers/Drawing Results (History - All TX Games) - Click Here 2018 Past Winning Numbers/Drawing Results (History - All TX Games) - Click Here Texas Pick3.As Requested For Years.If you want to know the latest Lotto results, youve come to the right place.
Great story - let's all hope there's justice for players in the end.
The jackpot winners share.00655 of total sales.
It reverts to a pari-mutuel prize when the cap is reached) Matched 5 of 5 - 1 Winner @ 25,000 San Antonio : Circle K, 9865 Potranco ( Quick Pick ) Matched 4 of 5 - 75 Winners @ 350 Matched 3 of Winners @.
Lottery Lawsuit Granted Class Action Status Affects.2 Million Tickets In 19 States Lotteries have been taking advantage of players for a long time.
Extra, encore, extra, extra, prize Category # of Winners.
Click here Ball Set Machine Date Numbers Drawn Game Over - Last Draw 7/28/18 (6A) (3A) (5A) (8A) (8A) (8A) (2A) (5A) (3A) (7A) (6A) (7A) (6A) (2A) (3A) (1A) (8A) (2A) (2A) (3A) (2A) (5A) (7A) (1A) (5C) (2C) (2C) (7C) (2C) (7C) (2C).Box 495033 Garland- Texas (972) (972) (Fax).New game added to Mega Millions called " Just the Jackpot.Prize atlantic lottery second chance draw 7 of 7 0, carried over 6 of 7 Bonus 2 595,797.30 6 of 7 112 4,813.80 5 of 7 6,765 101.10 4 of 7 148,020.00 3 of 7 Bonus 136,566.00 3 of 7 1,296,905, fREE play, maxmillion Numbers, draw Draw Draw.Drawing Results All Games, Click here All or Nothing DAY Draw - 12:27 PM?Lotto Texas - Texas Lotto Winning Numbers.Matrix Change: 5/69 1/26.Shows times drawn broken down by week day since inception.Drawing Results - All Games, Click here * Dates that all 5 numbers repeated 1-22-99 Pick3 Results - Winning Numbers 2019 History A Strategy For Playing Pick3, Click here.In this pdf, figures shown in RED represents those figures that differed.