Check for tire bingo fiesta rubbing against the body/chassis or sharp tire edges grabbing the track.
I use a piece of piano wire bent in an upside down "V" with a small hook at each end of the V to lotto 3 oikein 1 lisänumero engage the rear axle of the chassis under test.
I've stopped lubricating my cars and running immediately on the track.As we mentioned earlier, warped chassis can usually be fixed by putting it under hot water and gently straightening.Note: you can apply a heat sink to the motor shaft to keep excessive heat away from the armature.Insure that the motor leads are properly soldered to the motor.If your rules allow lowering of the body, you should cut the front grill work and rear exhaust detail off the chassis and glue them directly to the body.
Electrical circuit modifications.
On all others check thomas slotterøy nilsen that eyelets are securely installed and that all wires and solder joints are serviceable.
If there is reduce the voltage until it stops or if it doesnt until it is minimal and run motor for 10 minutes.I just cut off the two bearing hold down posts because the bearings are glued into the chassis.Dirt and oil on the track really slows things down.Wheels and Tires Back To Index.I had to be very careful here since when this area is removed the chassis is almost cut in half and could be broken easily.Don't forget there's charge and discharge times to consider.Remember it won't take many broken wheels to justify the added expense of the aluminium ones.Look at the Artin diagram to see where the weight was removed.FC130 motors are the most popular ones and they come standard in most Scalextric and Carrera cars (picture above shows a MR Slotcar FC130 motor).Only use for stock classes.For speed tracks the FLY sidewinder cars seem to be a good choice as well as the SCX LeMans, Ninco LeMans and the Proslot Toyotas inline drive cars.If you are in doubt your dealer should be able to help, or check a tech support Internet site.This can be one cause of de-slotting in corners; as the car leans the front wheel binds and off goes the car.I like brass or aluminium thin wall tubing because it's light and strong.

Next I glued 2 small brass pieces on either side of the crown gear hole to add a little stiffness to the chassis.