lol one last bonus mission

Also, please note if you are going to Birmingham and are not buying the 3 day pass.
Oh, well I guess the biggest change is going to be the name of the site.The Wide Variety Available to Bachelors in the Philippines.Lots of live Hum shows for download there if you search the live music archive.I also added the Hello Kitty single to the downloads section.I will be giving the site a face lift for the next couple days, so expect to see some bugs.I moved the site back to the Netfirms server, sorry you have to deal with the ads again, but this host is a bit more reliable.
HUM @ furnace fest video!
The music videos are available in HD (well,'s version of HD, which is almost VHS quality!) and are a bit better quality overall than the uploads I posted forever ago.
He even found some green ones!
Its just another P2P application, but it works a bit differently.
Also got another video for ya ala Shawn Numbers.
Thanks to Shawn for these!
And he's uploaded another Hum video for yr enjoyment.J Robbins) 4 - Bearhead -.Bargirls, Filipina Differences Dating Top-Shelf Women.The band has officially taken over the Facebook Hum page as well as my Twitter account.This ongoing series of videos is designed with just ONE focus; Helping you navigate the dating scene in the Philippines so that you get the outcome that you want.Hum at puhelinlasku kasino the Double Door, Chicago.After that, Highdive needs to impose a (hopefully temporary) hiatus on the distribution of free tickets to any and all out-of-towners until we regroup and reassess the current ticket situation.Update:.25.09 I'm giving the site a bit of a facelift, so some things may be out of whack for a couple more weeks.Check out the new Twitter URL at m/humbandofficial.For those of you from out-of-state who already mailed in a sase requesting complimentary tickets to see Hum and/or Shooter Jennings.Isle of the Cheetah Suicide Machine Iron Clad poker terminology hijack Lou The Scientists The Pod and suprising dark-horse candidates thus far are.Update:.20.01 Added some videos to the downloads section, and some more MP3s.

HUM @ the Champaign 150th Anniversary Music Festival, July 10, 2010.
And, I hate to say it, but people are constantly asking me about this and I feel it should be M IS NOT getting back together.
Update:.14.02 The FTP is still on hold, d sorry I've neglected the site for a while.