If you Specialized in a weapon type, you take 10 less damage from weapons of the chosen type.
90 - Stormblast - You accumulate static energy from the ambient air.
Tia Dalma herself treats Sora much more kindly than she did to anyone in the films, but that's probably because she thinks the Keyblade might be veikkaus sovellus päivitys able to unlock her godly power.
You gain a small amount of Light Armor experience when wearing at least two pieces of Light Armor in combat.Just before the endgame Sora and Kairi share one, not only recreating their cave drawing, but with the heavy implication of a Relationship Upgrade.100 - Slayer of a Thousand Sons - In combat, two-handed weapons deal 5 more damage for each humanoid or animal you have slain in the previous battle, up.40 - Atromancy - Summoned Daedra and other non-undead minions last three times as long (or five times at night).For instance, if a spellcaster has Intense Flames level 1 in vanilla, this perk is replaced with Combustion level 1 and Scarring Burns level 1 from Ordinator.It's unknown what happens to them afterwards, but it's implied that they're gone for good."May your heart be your guiding key following its introduction.80 - Apex Predator - Attacks with war axes deal bonus damage to living targets equal to 4 of their current Health (max.Thankfully, both of them manage to return to light.As a result, the Tangled world suffers from Adaptation Explanation Extrication since Mother Gothel doesn't give the tiara to Rapunzel, which makes Eugene and the Stabbington Brothers' actions after the lantern scene strange if you haven't seen the movie to know what happened.40 - Barrow Lord - You may give commands to all Skeletons within 150 feet at once, instead of one at a time.We Have Reserves : Vexen and Demyx are kept around as backups for the real Organization xiii, slot keimola just in case the others weren't up for the task.50 - Void Burn - Bound weapons brand victims with unholy energy for 5 seconds, halting Magicka and Stamina regeneration while draining 15 points per second.A theory is that Ienzo is addressing Sora as Roxas and the castle refers to The Castle That Never Was, but that is kind of far-fetched.
The summon ends with Ralph setting the cannons off with a Ground Pound.
The heroes are keen on using Replicas to bring back Naminé and Roxas into corporeal form, while the villains intend to use the Replicas for themselves as vessels for Xehanort, but Vexen is the only one who can successfully create Replicas as the project's inventor.
30 - Scarring Burns - Fire spells reduce the fire resistance of their targets by 20 for 5 seconds.I can't put a point into some perks even though I meet the requirements: You have another mod loaded below Ordinator that modifies those perks, reverting their prerequisites to vanilla Skyrim.Once a day, cancels an active shout cooldown, allowing you to shout again immediately afterwards.Redemption Rejection : Larxene angrily dismisses Sora's sympathy when fading away, although she at least is sorta grateful that she doesn't become a vessel in the end.He then proceeds to carefully lead him against the side of the ship as they talk, and then repulses him with his bad breath to the point that Luxord falls backwards into the ocean.The brand grants 25 attack damage and 100 points of Health when reanimated or resurrected.Luxord once again uses "parlay" in order to prevent Sora and his friends from attacking him during negotiations in the Caribbean.Continuity Nod : The prologue of Olympus world mentions how Hades was trying to manipulate Terra, Cloud, and Auron.Only one spell can be mastered.The journal also gets replaced by the gummiphone.Try as you might, you will never be able to repeat this feat.30 - Denting Blows (3) - Attacks with maces reduce the armor rating of armored enemies by 50/75/100 points for 15 seconds.He's in the Final World, the Kingdom Hearts equivalent of the afterlife.

He shows his true colors when he saves Ansem the Wise from Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and stays on the side of good for the rest of the game.
The damage bonus increases as distance increases.