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James "Jönssi" Kagelberg is the taller of the Kagelberg twins, their mother died when the two were just children and strip poker luna they were abandoned by their father.
No, you said that I can't have a cigarette, why I can't have a cigarette?Don't use "hell's devil arctic fox's shit found in our pit.Elmeri Hautamäki (Silvennoinen) is a man who has lived his entire life in a mental institution.Broman stays outside That's what I was just thinking, that I stay here outside Broman stays outside Good day, Hautamki May I have a cigarette?Taking shit Taking shit?At first Broman does not take kindly to Jönssi and Dille who Elmeri befriends after Broman's.Jönssi is fond of Finnish iskelmä -songs and is heard singing them throughout the movie.
Kulokoski continues Last summer, when we tried to organize a midsummer party, - that satanic crazy screwed up himself - to a flagpole.
Kultakuume has a single plot whereas Stories was composed of long-sketches.
Hautamäki wins the fight (by asking North for a cigarette).
The story is set in 1984.
Their escape leads them to be pursued by not only the Mental Institute's doctors Rasikangas and Kulokoski (Mari Turunen and.Edit, storyline, psychiatric patient Elmeri knows about the existence of a gold treasure in Finnish Lapland, hidden there by his late father who somehow managed to capture it from withdrawing German troops on the last days of WW2.Edit, details, official Sites: Official "Kummeli s bonus radisson Kultakuume" homepage (in Finnish).May I Now have a cigarette?Mirroring a common Finnish stereotype, Broman's speech is sometimes littered with Swedish utterances.Yeah That was a human lock.